What is Accounting?

Accounting is an information system that collects and compiles data to provides information, usually quantitative in units of currency, to management for decision making, planning, controlling resources and operations, evaluating performance, and financial reporting to investors, creditors, regulatory authorities, and the public.

More Information

Please visit these sites to learn more about accounting:

  • Nature of the work — List of major field in accounting and details specific job duties for each.
  • Working Conditions — discusses to typical work environment for accountants.
  • Training — discusses the training required for employment, advancement and the importance of additional qualifications like the CPA and the CMA.
  • Job Outlook — Discusses the forecasted demand for accountants over the next 6–10 years.
  • Earning — Summarizes the average salaries earned by accountant in different fields and job classifications.
  • Related Occupations — List other career opportunities for individuals with accounting degrees and experience.

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