Academic Advising for Undeclared Students

Special Workshops for Undeclared Students

As an undeclared major, you receive one-on-one assistance from a professional advisor in the Academic Advising Office. We encourage you to get to know your advisor, respond to invitations for advising appointments, and seek help from your advisor when you have a question or concern.

In addition to routine advising, our Academic Advising Office sponsors special opportunities just for Undeclared students! We recommend that you take advantage of these events. By committing a short amount of your time, the return on your investment is:

  • a well-rounded sense of how to "do college" successfully - in academic and other matters;
  • a full understanding of how course advisement, course selection, and registration work; and
  • a much easier process of selecting a major/minor.

Fall 2010 Schedule

COURSE: INT 120: Individual, Academic, and Social Expression (3 credits)

Students who enter Undeclared can be enrolled in a special academic course just for new Plattsburgh students (first semester freshmen). INT120: Individual, Academic, & Social Expression also meets the Oral Expression category of the General Education program.

The course helps students to integrate into college life - academically and socially. Topics include:

  • Individual & Social Skill Development, such as identity and self-image, maintaining healthy relationships, conflict styles and resolution, socio-emotional intelligence, individual accountability/responsibility, and public speaking in the social and professional spheres.
  • Academic Planning, such as exploring academic majors, understanding academic policies, and choosing a direction.
  • Oral Expression, such as how to deliver short speeches, group symposium presentations to engage listeners, and conducting routine professional conversation.

The course is designed for undeclared freshmen who feel quite uncertain about their academic direction and/or are apprehensive about college. As a new freshmen you might have already been registered for one of the sections of INT 120, based upon answers to the Zoomerang survey you completed (sent to all undeclared majors). If you are not in the course but wish to be, please contact the Academic Advising Office (518-564-2080) for information about available seats.

TUESDAY TALKS: AAA Emergency: "Ask your Advisors Anything!"

During your first few weeks of college, it may seem like you've got more questions than answers! In fact, many students wonder how they will ever be able to make a smooth transition into academic and social college life. This workshop has been designed to address questions, concerns, and obstacles that new students like you often face - but are afraid to ask about on your own.

This 2nd week workshop is perfectly timed for you: It's just about the time when you begin to feel overwhelmed but in plenty of time to adjust your routine! At the workshop, Academic Advising Office facilitators will give you a head start by sharing some academic "secrets for success" that most students don't figure out until much later on. We will also answer your specific questions to help you on your path to academic excellence!

Dates & Times TBA: You will receive an email invitation to the "Ask your Advisors Anything!" 

TUESDAY TALKS: Planning for Spring 2011 (yes, it's time already)

You just got going in the fall semester and already it's time to plan for spring! Did you know that the way you got registered for your fall courses is different from the way you'll register from now on? Yikes! But how do I do that? What courses am I supposed to take? What do I do? Where do I go? Am I supposed to do this all on my own now?

Find out how you select courses and register for them, as Academic Advising Office facilitators will provide step-by-step instruction about how to prepare for course advisement, how to read a CAPP report, how to search the master schedule of courses on Banner, and how registration happens.

Dates & Times TBA: You will receive an email invitation to this Tuesday Talk session.

Note: Students enrolled in INT120 need NOT to register; material will be covered in your INT120 class.

TUESDAY TALKS: 5 Easy Steps to Selecting a Major

The process of choosing a major is a little bit different for everyone, but did you know that there are some simple steps you can take to narrow down your options? Many students find that, with the right information and a little exploration, they are able to make a confident choice faster than they thought! Here's a quick hint: Knowing what you don't want to study is as, or more, important as knowing what you do want to study. Want to learn more?

Allow Academic Advising Office facilitators to help you transform what seems like a daunting decision right now into a streamlined set of questions and steps - and you'll learn something about yourself in the process (always a bonus). At the workshop, we'll clarify some common misconceptions about major selection, get you started on the first exploratory steps, and you'll leave with something to discuss with your advisor when you meet with her during the semester.

Dates & Times TBA: You will receive an email invitation to this Tuesday Talk session.

Note: Students enrolled in INT120 need NOT to register for the Wednesday workshops; material will be covered in your INT120 class.

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