Business Exit Exam (BUS 489) — FAQs

Who is required to take the exam?

SBE students majoring in accounting, business, business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, global supply chain management, international business, management, management information systems and/or marketing.

What is the Business Exit Exam — BUS 489?

All majors in the SBE (except economics & HRTM) at SUNY Plattsburgh must register for and pass the Business Exit Exam (BUS 489) in order to graduate. NOTE: If you passed MGM 490 prior to spring 2011 at SUNY Plattsburgh, you have already met this requirement.

There are two versions of the Business Exit Exam and which you will take is completely random and not announced until you arrive on the exam date. The national version is a multiple-choice exam (120 questions) covering material from the SBE core courses. It is a two-part, standardized, major fields test created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Recent statistics indicate there were 181,488 students completing the exam with a mean of 153.1 (, June 2010). The local version (BEE) follows the same format and is created in-house by faculty in the various disciplines.

What is the reason for the “new” requirement?

The Business Exit Exam is not a new requirement. The exam was previously administered as part of MGM 490 but the faculty evaluated the process and decided to offer the exam as a stand-alone requirement for the following reasons:

  1. Students often expressed concerns about not knowing that the test was coming. The approach provides students with more lead time to prepare for the test.
  2. Due to the fact that it is a SBE-wide requirement, it was felt that is should not be linked to the grade in any single course.
  3. It allows students to take the exam earlier than their final semester, if they so choose.

At what point can I register for the BUS 489 (Business Exit Exam)?

Once you have achieved junior standing (60+ credits) and have completed ACC 202, ACC 351, ECO 260, FIN 355, MGM 275, MGM 280 & MKE 290, you are eligible to register for BUS489.

When is it offered?

The exam is administered each fall and spring semester. The dates for upcoming semesters are as follows:

Spring 2017 — Friday, March 3
Fall 2017 — Friday, September 29

How well do I have to do on the exam?

Effective spring 2012, a letter grade will be assigned for the course. A “D” or better is required for graduation. Grades are calculated based on standard deviations above or below the mean as outlined below.

A: SCORE > National mean + one standard deviation
B: National mean + 1 standard deviation > SCORE > national mean
C: National mean > SCORE > national mean - 1 standard deviation
D: National mean - 1 standard deviation > SCORE > National mean - 2 standard deviations
E: National mean - 1.75 standard deviations > SCORE

How should I study for it?

The best way to study is to review your books and notes from ACC 202, ACC 351, ECO 260, FIN 355, MGM 275, MGM 280 & MKE 290 as well as review documents that will be made available to you on the BUS 489 course site via MOODLE.

What if I forget to register for it?

Check on Banner to find out who is administering the exam for that semester. Contact that person to let him/her know that you are not registered and to inquire about space.

Can I retake the exam if I don’t pass?

Yes. You can take the exam up to 3 times. If it is not your last semester at SUNY Plattsburgh, you can simply register to take the exam again the following semester. If it is your last semester, you should contact the test administrator to arrange a retake during the same semester.

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