Minor in Communication Disorders and Sciences

Our Communication Disorders and Sciences Minor Allows You To:

  • Explore the foundations of the professions of speech-language pathology and/or audiology for possible further study.
  • Obtain information that will help you as an educator or other health related professional to better understand, teach and/or interact with individuals with speech, language, or hearing impairment.
  • Bolster knowledge acquired in other majors, such as nursing, child development, linguistics, education, special education, child and family services, psychology by improving one's understanding of the communication process.
  • Become an educated parent when it comes to follow the speech and language development of your child!

Communication Disorders and Sciences Minor (21 credits)

The program provides a nice basic overview of communication disorders. In addition, students have the option of developing an emphasis either in speech-language pathology or in audiology.

Program Requirements

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