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Get real-life experience shooting and reporting in the many internships available through our program.

Communication Studies Internship Program

What’s an internship?

An internship is a supervised work experience at a pre-approved agency that relates to your specific field of study. It is real-world experience in a real-time setting. Internships take place on location and are available locally (in the Plattsburgh/Burlington area), regionally (in the Albany, NYC area), or nationally (come in, we’ll talk). Gain experience, establish networking opportunities, and may even land yourself a job! All while gaining academic credit.

“…we worked side-by-side with camera crews and producers.”

Work with industry professionals who serve as your mentor and monitor your progress. Practice what you've learned by completing tasks assigned to you. Expose your new knowledge through written reflections.

What types of internships are there?

Internship opportunities are offered in two different forms: entry-level (site experiences) and exit-level (capstone experiences).

  1. Entry-level internships (site experiences) allow students to see what it’s like in a specific industry or profession. The students are given minimally challenging activities and do not need to be trained in any area to be eligible. Site experiences are only available in the summer.
  2. Exit-level internships (capstone experiences) are professional opportunities (usually offered to college-level juniors and seniors) in anticipation of establishing an actual job or career in a specific field. At this level, students must have sufficient training in their field and only academically successful students are eligible (A or B grade-level students). It is a monitored learning experience whereby the internship agency agrees to put the student to work completing assignments for which they’ve been academically prepared. Capstone experiences are only available during the fall/spring semesters.
  3. No internship opportunities are available during the winter session.

Is it full-time or part-time?

“It led to me getting my first job.”

During the fall/spring you can choose either a full-time internship (12 credits) or a part-time internship (6 credits). Here are the qualifications for full- or part-time internship opportunities.

  1. Fall/Spring — Full-Time = 12 credits. You spend 36 hours per week at an internship site for one semester, earning 12 credits* for your experience.
  2. Fall/SpringPart-Time = 6 credits. You spend 18 hours per week at an internship site for one semester, earning 6 credits* for your experience.
  3. Summer Internships = 3 credits. You spend 18 hours per week at an internship site for 10 weeks during the summer, earning 3 credits* for your experience.

*Internship credits are general education elective credits and do not count towards your major. Not all agencies offer full or part time options every semester.

Where can I intern?

Internship opportunities** are available in all of the major study areas in the communication studies program. For a full listing, see our Agency Information Listing.

TV-Video Production and Broadcast Journalism Internship Opportunities…

Broadcast journalism students have interned at these internship agencies: WCAX-TV, WNCE-TV, WNYT-TV, WPTZ-TV, WRGB-TV, and WRNN-TV.

TV-Video Production students have interned at these internship agencies: Cablevision, CBS News, HBO, KIEM, Lake Champlain Productions, Montel Williams Show, MTV News, New York Network, WABC-TV, Mountain Lake PBS, WNET PBS, WNYT-TV, WPTZ-TV, WRNN-TV, WTVH-TV, and WXXA-TV.

Audio-Radio Production Internship Opportunities…

Some of the internship agencies in audio production include: WBAB Radio, WPTZ-TV, and Egan Media Productions.

Some of the internship agencies in radio broadcasting and Production include: WBAB Radio, WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, WEQX Radio, WFAN sports radio, WNEW, WRCN, WXXX, and Sirius/XM Satellite radio.

**Additional internship opportunities are available in other areas.

How Do I Apply for Fall/Spring Internships?

Applying for an internship involves the following:

  1. Declare your major in communication.
  2. Early in your college career, attend an internship course information meeting (presented in the 4th week of each semester).
  3. Take the courses in the internship area you wish maintaining a “B-” or better in the courses. For a full listing of the requirements for each major, checkout the Student Handbook.
  4. Earn 75 credits by the time you apply for your internship (15 of these credits must be upper level credits from the Department of Communication at SUNY Plattsburgh).
  5. Maintain a 2.75 overall GPA.
  6. Maintain a 3.0 major GPA.
  7. Review & select an available agency (or see the area supervisor for new agencies).
  8. Submit a Fall/Spring Application, résumé, cover letter, and Degree Works course listing by the due date (March 15th for summer/fall internships, October 15th for spring internships). Note: Once you qualify for an internship, you can apply for “pre-approval” at any time.
  9. After getting approved, you can contact/apply/interview at the agency of your choosing.
  10. Upon agency approval the paperwork is processed by the department/registrar as course number CMM498. You're ready to begin your internship experience.

How do I apply for Summer Internships?

Applying for an internship involves the following:

  1. Declare your major in communication.
  2. Check your Degree Works Profile to see if you’re eligible.
  3. You need a Major GPA of 2.5 or better.
  4. Find an agency that offers summer internship opportunities
  5. Apply, interview, and get approved by the agency
  6. Submit an Summer Internship application.
  7. Upon agency approval the paperwork is processed by the department/registrar as course number CMM298. You’re ready to begin your summer internship experience.

An Internship is a Smart Decision

Becky Rock with internship supervisor, Kelly FaberA View from the Field

Communication alumna, Becky Rock, shares her experiences in the communication department’s internship program.

“My internship at MTV2 was one of the most important decisions I made in my college career, and one of the smartest. I interned under Kelly Faber, who was herself an intern at one time, which made my experience even more enlightening. I think that because she had once interned, she knew what activities would be more beneficial.

“Kelly made sure we all had a variety of experience in each area. We were sent on field shoots, to the edit (room), and sometimes on shoots at concerts. We were able to meet and deal with talent (i.e. bands, actors, and VJ’s). Also, we worked side-by-side with camera crews and producers.”

Interns get hands-on trainingInterns Get Hands-On Experience

“I was lucky enough to have an internship where there was a lot of hands on work, where I could learn what everyone’s jobs were and how the different departments ran together. I also impressed them with my knowledge and skills from college. A lot of people were surprised to know that I’ve used equipment before and that I actually knew what they were doing. Because of that, they let me have more hands on and I was able to show them what I could do. Basically, the more you helped them out, the more they would give you the opportunity to be a part of.

“This internship was a huge step for me in my life and career. It got me into New York City. It led to me getting my first job. [Through it] I’ve made great friendships and great connections, as well as having many great experiences in the work field.”

Contact Information

To find out more about internships in communication studies, please contact:

Internship Director and Area Supervisor for Audio-Radio Production and Digital Media Production

Tim ClukeyTim Clukey
Office: 136E Yokum Hall
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-4290


Area Supervisor for Communication Studies

Dr. Kirsten IsgroDr. Kirsten Isgro
Office: 202S Yokum Hall
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-2111


Area Supervisor for Broadcast Journalism and TV/Video Production

Christine Johnson
Office: 108 Yokum Hall
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-4283