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Meet One of Our Students

Mark Kellogg, Junior

Mark Kellog is a Computer Science Major from Saratoga Springs New York. His hobbies include programming large projects, gaming, helping and teaching others.

Fun and Interesting Programs have Gotten Me Ready to Start My Career

"The computer science department entwines learning with fun. Starting with classes like Robots and Computers where you learn the basics of A.I. and then build up to Operating Systems and 3D computer graphics, this department has interesting programs for everyone. The faculty are wonderful to stop by and talk to. They are willing and helpful with issues dealing with classes, professional jobs, or even every day activities. Plattsburgh State has raised my knowledge base and given me the experience necessary to enter the working world."

Activities and Labs Are Exciting Ways to Get More Involved with Others

"The labs and Computer Science Club are available to get you involved with other people in the department. The faculty helps everyone get more involved and excited to continue in the field. I never thought about being a teaching assistant until the faculty introduced me to the idea. It was a great experience and I enjoy going back to help every chance I get!"

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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