Earth Science Education

Many of our students in Geology have pursued rewarding careers in Earth Science Education, which is a Regent's level course taught typically in the ninth grade and is required of all students. Job opportunities as science educators are abundant. The Center for Earth and Environmental Science supports several degree programs toward this end in association with the Plattsburgh State School of Educational Studies and Services.

Adolescence Education (7-12) Earth Science

The Adolescence Education (7-12) Earth Science degree provides provisional teaching certification by the New York State Education Department. Students must receive a master's degree within four to five years of graduation for permanent certification. Students do not receive a baccalaureate degree in the content area (geology or Earth science)

Geology/Earth Science degree followed by M.S.T.

Students finish a B.A. degree in geology with a study option in Earth science education, which includes all of the Earth science content area necessary for certification along with advanced geology courses giving students training as geology professionals. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, students are admitted to the master's of science in teaching program, which typically takes two years to complete. Graduates receive permanent teaching certification.

Five year M.S.T. Program in Earth Science

This new program is slated to start in fall 2005 or 2006.  Entering freshmen are accepted into the M.S.T. degree from inception as long as they continue to meet the program requirements (2.75 GPA). They complete the undergraduate degree in Geology/Earth Science Study Option in 3.5 years,and begin the M.S.T. the last semester of their senior year, followed by a summer and an academic year of graduate coursework in education including student teaching. The advantages of this program will be that students are fully certified, save a full year, pay undergraduate tuition for a portion of their graduate coursework and are better prepared and more competitive than Adolescence Education majors applying for the same position.

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