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History Faculty — Dr. Stuart Voss

Distinguished Service Professor

Photo of Stuart VossI approach history from a more wholistic perspective, trying to understand the way the various "themes/fields" interact and interconnect.

In the classroom, I employ extensive role-playing and creation of historical families to help the students see the history they are studying from different perspectives and see that history more in relation to their own lives (why they choose to focus on some portions of that history and not others: what that says about them, living in the history of their own present).


  • Ph.D., Harvard University. Specialization: Latin American History.
  • B.A., B.J., University of Missouri. Specialization: History and Journalism.

Teaching Areas

  • Colonial, middle, and modern Latin America.
  • Colonial United States.
  • Medieval Spain.
  • U.S. survey to 1877.

Research Areas

  • Latin American regional and family history.
  • Latin America in the Middle Period.

Recent Publications

  • Latin America in the Middle Period, 1750-1929, (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 2002).

Contact Stuart Voss

Phone: (518) 564-5214
Email: vosssf@plattsburgh.edu