Senior Projects

History majors at Plattsburgh cap their studies by writing a significant piece of historical scholarship. Students are assigned to work with faculty mentors in designing and carrying out this intensive research project. Registration for the Senior Project (HIS 485/486/490) requires departmental approval, and students must submit a formal project proposal. Proposal materials are available in the History Department Office.

A sampling of senior projects from recent semesters:

Spring 2016

  • Andrew Alan Brown, “Genocide Long Before the Cherokee Trail of Tears”
  • Marcus Hanson, “John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida Experiment”
  • Zach Rose, “Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties”
  • John Combs, “Un-mastered Pasts: The Nanking Controversy”
  • Shaheed Sellers, “The Tuskegee Airmen: The Struggle for Equality”
  • Aaron Dupell, “Firestorm: The Allied Bombing of Germany”
  • Thor Murphy, “The Evolution if the Americans Hero in WW2 Combat Films”
  • Steven Stroup, “The ‘Forgotten War’ in Pictures”
  • Jenna Monroe, “The Story of Women of Chiapas and the Rise of Indigenous Feminism”

Fall 2015

  • Matt Podraza, “Operation Ajax: A Continuation of Colonial Policy in a Cold War Context”
  • Willam Thew, “The Antebellum Debate over Slavery: Christian Interpretations”
  • Lisa Perry, “The 1920s Revival of the Ku Klux Klan: A Teacher’s Resource Guide”
  • Kyle Streeter, “Residential Schools” A Canadian Genocide”
  • Connor Wimett, “Aisles of Cruelty: The Rise of Juvenile Solitary Confinement”
  • Ben Reagan, “Economic, Strategic, and Rhetorical Justifications for U.S. Hegemony in Cuba”
  • Dan Martin, “MEdieval Lepers: Saints or Sinners”
  • Matt Speirs, “Accidental Statehood: The Kurds in Iraq”  

Spring 2015

  • Joseph Leddy, “Canada to the Rescue: The Missing Piece of the Argo Story”
  • Daniel Stimpfle, “American Folk Music, Chilean Solidarity, and Human Rights”
  • Tyne Gove, “The Passing of Madison Grant: Conservationism, Eugenics, and Immigration Policy in the Twentieth-Century
  • Christian Lyons, “Silencing Shanghai: Containing ‘Turmoil’ During China’s 1989 Democracy Movement”
  • Daniel Pavlak, “Operation Frisky: A Fictional Recounting of Operation Dingo, 1977”
  • Alicia Sanstone, “A Reasonable and Beautiful Dress: The Dress Reform Movement after Seneca Falls”
  • Edward Prufer, “Collective Memory on the National Mall: A Comparison of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the National WW II Memorial”
  • Garrett Smith, “The Social and Historical Significance of the Military-Industrial Complex”
  • Michael Amendoeira, “Stalin’s Regime and its Role in the Everyday Lives of Soviet Citizens”

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