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About Journalism

What Is Journalism? A Constant Adventure.

Simply put, journalism is the collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or feature articles for one of the media: newspapers, magazines, broadcast, or online. It involves reporting on ideas and events as they occur—from dogs that bite children to developments in ideas about the universe.

As a result, your schedule could change from day to day or month to month. It's like always learning something new. Your typical day might begin by tracking people down and learning enough about them to interview them. You call sources and do interviews. You might be interviewing anyone from CEOs of corportations to criminals. Next, you might be busy reading clips and primary source material and taking notes for your articles.

Journalism can be hard work. But there's a payoff: It's work that matters. Journalism makes a difference. Your stories can touch readers and inspire action.

As journalists will tell you, it's an exciting and rewarding job. And you get paid to do what most others can only do for fun: read, write, travel, meet all kinds of people, and learn a lot about the world around you. You might meet celebrities or visit exotic destinations or simply discover the joy of connecting with readers.

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