Walk-In Tutoring Sessions

Just want a refresher on how to complete a problem? Need to talk with a tutor to get that paper started and then you’re set? Forgot to make an appointment to meet with your tutor this week?

A walk-in session gives you the freedom to seek our tutoring services without having to make an appointment.

As with all of our tutoring options, walk-in sessions focus on your specific concerns for a specific course.

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What happens during a walk-in session?

Once you sign in, a walk-in session follows a similar process as our other scheduled tutoring sessions.

You and the tutor should have a brief discussion that helps set the agenda for the tutoring session. The information you provide to your tutor in the first few minutes of the session is essential to a productive tutoring session. The tutor, especially if this is your first time meeting with each other, needs to learn about you, the class, and your understanding of the course’s concepts.

During the session, you can expect the tutor to involve you in a conversation. Our tutors understand their role — they do not teach or lecture — but guide you in your understanding of the course material.

All of our tutors are trained in the same theories and strategies of tutoring and learning. During a walk-in session, the tutor will use these strategies and their own experiences as a student to help you. However, it is important to remember that walk-in session time must be divided between you and the other students who arrive during the scheduled walk-in session.

While we will try to help you understand the course material and learn new strategies for academic success, a walk-in session should be viewed as “learning triage.” For extensive concerns or to work on large projects, please consider scheduling an appointment with a tutor by stopping by the Learning Center front desk.

Additionally, the tutor may not be able to address all of your concerns during the walk-in — especially if you arrive minutes before the walk-in session ends or if the walk-in is particularly busy. If you feel that you would benefit from working with the tutor again, check with the head tutor at the Learning Center front desk to make an appointment. You can also return to work with the same tutor during another walk-in session. Just remember to check with the tutor for his/her walk-in schedule.

Note: Our tutors will not do the work for you, but they do work with you to find a strategy that helps you.

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What does the Learning Center expect of me?

A walk-session is different from our appointment-based tutoring sessions because you do not need to make an appointment and we do not require you to sign a contract for tutorial services.

However, it is still of utmost importance that you come to the session prepared. Since you are ultimately responsible for your success in the course, you need to be actively involved in the class and the tutoring session. Remember to bring the appropriate materials to your tutoring session (including the course textbook, syllabus, course documents, notebook, and pen or pencil).

We also expect you to recognize that a walk-in session is a special opportunity for studying. In order for everyone involved to benefit, we ask that you treat the tutor(s) and other students attending the walk-in session with respect and courtesy.

While we do not generate reports that are sent your professor, professors — or other appropriate members of the campus community (like advisors or program directors) — sometimes ask for information regarding student use of our services. If asked, and with your permission, we send an update that covers the number of visits, name of tutor(s), and material covered in tutoring session(s) attended.

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Do I need to make a walk-in appointment?

Walk-Ins are, as their title implies, sessions held without appointments.

Our most requested courses — MAT 101, 102, 161, 221, 222, 224, and 225 — have an established walk-in schedule that begins the second week of every semester.

Similarly, help in writing any paper for any course can be found during our Writing Walk-In hours.

Before you attend other content course (like BIO 101) specific walk-in times, remember to check to make sure that the session is not professor specific. Throughout the semester our walk-in session offerings change to meet the needs of the student community.

Please regularly check the listed offerings under Walk-in Session Schedule.

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