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Military Studies Programs

What is Army ROTC?

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a college elective which teaches the fundamentals of leadership, confidence, problem solving, decision making, and small group organization. The primary purpose of ROTC is to prepare college students to become officers in the Active Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserves upon graduation. In ROTC you will get hands-on experience in leadership roles in and outside of the classroom that will lead to success in college, as an Army officer, or in any profession. The SUNY Plattsburgh Army ROTC is an extension of the University of Vermont Army ROTC program whose program also includes Saint Michael's College, Middlebury College, Champlain College, Castleton State College, and Johnson State College.


Taking an ROTC course does not necessarily mean you have joined the Army. Students may take the first two years of ROTC with no obligation to military service. The first two years of ROTC are called the ROTC Basic Course. There are two ways a student can become obligated to the Army through ROTC:

  • The student accepts an Army ROTC Scholarship.
  • The student qualifies for and enters the Advanced Course (third and fourth years of ROTC).

The 4-year Program

The Basic Course (Military Studies I & II years) is taken during the first two years of college and is offered with no military obligation on your part unless you accept a scholarship. It covers subjects such as leadership development, military history, time management, college study skills, and introduction to planning, organizing, and conducting Army operations.

The Advanced Course (Military Studies III & IV years) includes instruction in tactics, advanced military operations, management and supervisory techniques, ethics and professionalism, and leadership development skills. The Advanced Course includes four weeks of paid training at Ft. Lewis, Washington between the junior and senior years.

The 2-year Program

The 2-year program is a special program for students entering their junior year who did not participate in the Basic Course. To enter the 2-year program, a student can participate in a paid four-week Leader's Training Course (LTC), between their sophomore and junior years, at Fort Knox, Kentucky. After completion, students may receive credit for the Basic Course and can enter the Advanced Course and be eligible for scholarships. Those who attend the training and exceed standards may be offered a 2-year scholarship upon graduation from LTC. Additionally, prior-service personnel will receive credit for the Basic Course and can enter the Advanced Course with a minimum of 57 credit hours towards graduation.

Program Requirements

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