Major in Music

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music (45 credits)

The B.A. in music allows you to combine a major focus in music with a breadth of study across the traditional liberal arts fields. We will encourage you to integrate your musical growth with communal responsibility through service learning.

The B.A. in Music at SUNY Plattsburgh takes on a distinctive focus that allows our students to couple their studies in music with interdisciplinary thinking and applications of this knowledge to their specific interests within fields of music or related disciplines on campus.

Benefits of the B.A. in Music

As a music major, you will develop musicianship skills and the ability to perform, as well as explore principles and procedures that lead to an intellectual grasp of music. The program is flexible enough to meet your musical interests and to aid you to develop your career goals. Through close faculty mentoring, we encourage our students to find links between music and other disciplines.

Program Requirements

The 45 major requirements are comprised of 42 credits of core course requirements, including a new music technology course and the opportunity for service learning experiences on-campus or in the community, as well as 3 music electives. You then will take additional courses from a related discipline on campus, under advisement from a music faculty member. Some students may opt to take a double major.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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