Student Profiles

Meet Three of Our Music Students

Yassmeen Abdulhamid, Senior

When Yassmeen originally came to Plattsburgh State from Saratoga, New York, she thought about taking a class or two in music just for fun. She had always liked to sing, so she chose a voice class as an elective. She enjoyed singing so much that she decided to audition for a minor in music. As an English Literature major and Music minor, Yasmeen is a member of the Cardinal Singers and the Music Council, which organizes special events for music students.

In her own words:

"I was surprised at how much lessons helped my voice. I saw a big improvement in my singing after just a few classes. This is a fantastic department. The students and instructors are really close and there is a great casual atmosphere. The professors are very supportive and welcoming, a lot of fun, and really good at what they do." Contact Yassmeen.

Allyson Lent, Senior

Allyson Lent, from Syracuse, New York, is pursuing a double major in Music and English Literature. She serves as president of the Music Council, sings with the Cardinal Singers, and plays viola in Sinfonia. While earning her degree, she also works in the music office as an assistant to the chairperson.

In her own words:

"All of the professors are great mentors who are willing to work with you outside of class. This is a really good program and I've learned a lot. Now I am a tutor for the music classes I've taken. Our recitals halls are beautiful and there are plenty of practice rooms. The classrooms have a lot of new technology, including midi work stations and great software that helps to make assignments easier. The program will definitely prepare you for a career, even if you're not a music major. I love living in the beautiful Champlain Valley, and I like being so close to Burlington, Vermont and Montreal." Contact Allyson with questions about music at Plattsburgh State!

Wendy Levins, Junior

Wendy came from Connecticut to major in Childhood/Special Education with a concentration in music. She hopes to teach in an elementary school after graduation.

In her own words:

"One of the reasons I was attracted to Plattsburgh was the option of concentrating in music. I met with the professors before my first semester and felt immediately at home. I have been enrolled now for almost two years, and could not be happier with the program.

"When you walk into the music building, you walk into a building unlike any other. You see familiar faces, you hear music in the hall, and you are treated like an important piece of the music program. The professors are skilled, reliable, dependable, and enthusiastic. Anyone interested in a Major, Minor, or Concentration in music here at Plattsburgh State should make the effort to contact a member of the faculty. I am sure you will find what you are looking for - just as I did." Ask Wendy about Plattsburgh State.

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