RN–B.S. Program in Plattsburgh

Now is the time and this is the place!

The RN–B.S. program courses are scheduled to accelerate completion in a part-time format for a cohort of working nurses. Most students will complete the program in a little more than two years.

We offer the highly rated RN–B.S. completion program for RNs in Clinton and surrounding counties. This innovative program offers you exceptional learning experiences that will help to advance your career, explore new opportunities, and develop greater professional satisfaction. This program offers the best of both worlds, the familiarity of face-face classroom based learning and the flexibility of online distance education. If you are a registered professional nurse (RN), consider our RN–B.S. program.

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Option (120 credits)

The curriculum is offered fully online and in blended face-face options at Queensbury and locations in Plattsburgh, including the University of Vermont Health Network Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital. This program is specifically designed for students who have completed their associate degree or diploma in nursing and are licensed RNs. The curriculum builds on the experiences gained in the associate’s degree by providing additional studies in the natural, biological, and behavioral sciences combined with professional studies.

Applied Learning Experiences

The applied learning experiences in the RN–B.S. programs offers you exceptional opportunities to diversify your experience and gain skills necessary to advance your career. You can engage in applied learning experiences that will help you explore new professional nursing roles in healthcare organizations, communities, and global study experiences. Course-based experiential learning is a hallmark of a high quality nursing education. Our clinical coordinator will work with you to find appropriate experiences in your region.

Program Requirements

Additional courses may be needed to complete degree requirements. A minimum of 36 credits must be taken from SUNY Plattsburgh. Lower level nursing courses from AAS or diploma validated for up to 34 credits. Nursing courses at SUNY Plattsburgh total 26 credits.

Students work with an advisor to plan these requirements:

  • Elective (or Liberal Arts)
  • US/Western Civilization (3 credits)
  • Global Issues (3 credits)
  • World Systems/Foreign Language (3 credits)

Most students have the following:

  • MAT 101 Elementary Math (preprogram)
  • SOC 101 Intro Sociology
  • PSY 311 Human Develop

Admission Requirements

Admission to the RN-to-B.S. Nursing Program is competitive, in addition to meeting the general admission requirements to SUNY Plattsburgh, applicants must:

  1. Be a graduate of a nursing program that is approved by the legal body that registers nursing programs in the state or Canadian province in which the program is located. Students who are within one year of completion of a registered nurse program may be accepted for admission, but must graduate prior to beginning classes.
  2. Hold an unencumbered New York state license and current registration as a registered nurse. Conditional acceptance for graduate nurses dependent on passing the licensure exam within the first semester enrolled.
  3. Have overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for courses completed at another college or university.
  4. Have completed courses that are part of the SUNY Transfer Path, including Composition I, Introduction to Psychology, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I and II with labs. The Chairperson in collaboration with the Admissions Office, the RN-to-B.S. Coordinator, and the Academic Standards Committee considers cases that present exceptions to the admission requirements.

Tentative Course Plan

Courses are offered in a blended format, both online and face-face.

Students are required to complete 36 credits at SUNY Plattsburgh to satisfy the residency requirement. Courses marked with an asterisk * contain a clinical component.

*Prior to taking clinical courses, students must complete cognates and lower level nursing courses (NUR 350 and NUR 304) with a grade of “C” or better and gain formal acceptance into the degree program (matriculation).

Year One

Summer 2016
  • LIB200 Critical Research Skills 1 cr 1-week
  • General Education courses 3 cr 2-5 weeks
Fall 2016
  • CHE101 General Chemistry 4 cr—15 weeks
  • MAT 161 Elementary Statistics – 15 weeks
Winter 2017
  • NUR350 Theoretical foundations 3 cr—5 weeks
Spring 2017
  • CHE271 Organic Biochem 4 cr—15 weeks
  • FNI 211 Human Nutrition 3 cr—15 weeks

Year Two

Summer 2017
  • NUR304 Health Assessment 3 cr 5 weeks, B –ALE
  • NUR342 Nursing Informatics 3 cr, 5 weeks, C
Fall 2017
  • NUR327 Application of Research 3 cr, 7 weeks, (1-7)
  • NUR437 Public Policy 3 cr, 7 weeks (9-15)
Winter 2018
  • NUR326 Health Promotion 3 cr, 5 weeks ALE
Spring 2018
  • NUR425 Public Health, 4cr, 15 weeks, ALE

Year Three

Summer 2018
  • NUR428 Management/Leader 4 cr, 10 weeks, B&C ALE

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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