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Political Science Faculty - Dr. Harvey Schantz


Dr. Schantz received his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University, where he specialized in American Politics generally and the Congress in particular. Dr. Schantz teaches an introductory U.S. National Politics course as well as electives concerning the presidency, congress, elections and voting behavior, political parties, and interest groups. His seminar on elections is one of the "capstone" courses political science majors may take to fulfill their requirements.

Dr. Schantz's research focuses on voting and electoral patterns and on the relationship between presidents and congress. His work on the history of regional voting patterns has been widely cited. Recently, he has devoted his attention to policy making under divided government.


  •  Ph.D. in American Politics, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Teaching Areas

  • Introduction to U.S. National Politics
  • The Presidency
  • Congress
  • Elections and Voting Behavior
  • Political parties
  • Interest Groups
  • Elections Seminar 

Research Areas

  • Voting and Electoral Patterns
  • Relationship Between Presidents and Congress
  • History of Regional Voting Patterns

Recent Activities and Honors

  • 2001: Published Politics in an Era of Divided Government
  • 2001: Interviewed by New York magazine on New York City Politics
  • 1999: Sponsored visit to Plattsburgh State of Congressman Anthony Wiener, Distinguished Alumnus of Plattsburgh's Political Science Department

Contact Harvey Schantz

Office: 149C Hawkins Hall
Phone: (518) 564-5826
E-mail: schanthl@plattsburgh.edu