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Our Political Science Major Allows You To

  • Gain experience through an internship: Local internships in the District Attorney’s office, the local office of the State Attorney General, the Plattsburgh Mayor's office, and the Clinton County Board of Elections are available. Full-semester internships in New York or Washington D.C., as well as internships with the Assembly, the Senate, and Executive offices in Albany are also available. Learn more about internships.
  • Choose an independent study: The political science program faculty is always willing to provide independent study opportunities for students who want to go beyond the regular course offerings.
  • Join a national honor society: Opportunities for membership in the Omicron Omega Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honor society for undergraduate and graduate students of political science.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Science (B.S.) in Political Science (120 credits)

The political science program offers a wide array of courses in American Government and politics, law, public policy and world politics. While the curriculum is designed to provide a solid education for Political Science majors, the courses attract students from other disciplines as well: education, women's studies, criminal justice, history, and environmental science in particular.

Introductory courses in American government and politics, comparative government, and world politics prepare students for the 4 different areas of concentration from which they may choose courses. Within each of the 4 areas (American politics, law, public policy and administration, and world politics) a sequence of related courses provides a coherent understanding of the subject. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests in as many areas as they like.

Typically, students take their upper level course work in 2 related courses. This course work, along with the theory and methodology courses, prepares students for the political science capstone courses which allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the discipline in research projects. Students may choose from among 6 capstone courses.

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