Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Internship Program

If you are a pre-med student, you should consider volunteering at CVPH. This can be taken for credit as an internship (BIO498 or CHE498) with one credit awarded for every 3 hours/week of service (see below).

This is a great opportunity to go to the hospital and get patient exposure while earning credit. To sign up, you need to come to my office (Dr. Slish, Hudson 325) and get on a wait list the semester before you plan to do the internship.

You will also need to contact Molly Ryan ( or 562-7595), who is the CVPH volunteer coordinator. Be prepared to discuss with her when you plan to volunteer, which service you are interested in (for some options, see below), and what your goals are (i.e., what you plan to get out of this experience). You will need to go through an interview with Molly Ryan and an orientation (2–3 hr. class) before you can sign up for the internship. The orientation is the most important part. Molly schedules about 4–5 per year, so it is hard to start right at the beginning of the semester if you haven’t completed it ahead of time. For this reason, you should contact Molly and get into an orientation session the semester before you sign up for the internship. To apply, use CVPH’s online application form.

There has been a lot of interest in these internships, so you will need to get on a waitlist for the coming semester. Email me and I will put you on a list.

Once you have completed the orientation you can get an internship form from me. You should fill this out with the course title “CVPH Internship.” I will be your faculty sponsor. This form requires signatures from the Bio Dept. chairman, faculty sponsor, and Molly Ryan at CVPH, and is then dropped off at the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences (in Ward Hall).

Internship credit can be awarded based on the amount of time you spend in the hospital per week; three hours in service per week for 15 weeks is worth one credit (similar to labs). This is a total of 45 hours per credit per semester. You need to decide this as you fill out your Internship form and stick with it throughout the semester. You can take a maximum of 2 credits per semester and a total of 3 credits while here at Plattsburgh. You can do the internship at an accelerated pace during the winter or summer breaks, as long as 45 hours are completed for each credit.

Internship Service Options

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center (outpatient procedures).
  • Oncology (inpatient unit).
  • Emergency Room (1 & 2).
  • Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • Orthopedics/Neurology.
  • Urology/Nephrology.
  • Surgical.
  • Patient Family Waiting Area.
  • Kidney Dialysis Unit.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about pre-health professions advisement at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Donald Slish
Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee Chairperson
Office: Hudson Hall 325
Phone: (518) 564-5160