Psychology Program at SUNY Plattsburgh

Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the SUNY Plattsburgh Psychology Department! In our undergraduate program, you will learn about psychology as a scientific discipline. Psychology uses the scientific method to study behavior and thought processes in humans and animals.

Our curriculum includes:

  • An introductory lab, in which you participate in experiments and demonstrations of classic psychology phenomena.
  • Courses in experimental design and statistics, with an emphasis on learning to evaluate research and clearly communicate experimental findings.
  • Courses that provide an introduction to the broad range of core areas within psychology, including developmental, cognitive, biological, personality, social, and history/systems. These courses expose you to the basic research findings and schools of thought across the field of psychology.
  • A junior-level seminar exploring a specific topic in depth through focused readings, presentations, and papers.
  • In-depth junior and senior level courses that focus on particular topics within the core areas, such as neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology, abnormal psychology, and learning/memory.

Beyond the core curriculum, students can also obtain valuable practical experiences through our research apprenticeships, teaching apprenticeships, and extensive internship programs.

Our graduates are prepared for further graduate education in master’s and Ph.D. programs, and for careers in a wide variety of areas, including business, social services, research, and education.

School Psychology Graduate Program

School psychology graduate students earn the M.A./C.A.S. in School Psychology. Our NASP-accredited program provides carefully focused knowledge and training in school psychology, following the scientist-practitioner model. Students work closely with individual faculty members, and become eligible for certification as a school psychologist in New York State. More information can be found on our School Psychology Graduate Program page.

Services and Community Outreach

The Psychology Department hosts the campus-wide Center for Neurobehavioral Health, which provides numerous services to the community. Students gain invaluable community service and research experience through assisting with these programs. Affiliated clinics include:

  • Neuropsychology Clinic and Psychoeducational Services.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Center.
  • Nexus Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the psychology program at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Dr. Katherine Dunham (
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Department secretaries
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Redcay Hall 226/232 (Building 15 on the campus map)
Psychology office hours: weekdays 8 a.m.–noon and 1 p.m.–4:30 p.m.

Phone: (518) 564-3076
Toll-free Phone: (800) 441-7215
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Mailing Address

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