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Applying for study abroad & exchange programs.

First, refer to the web page on this site that describes the program to which you want to apply. Under the top section "How to Apply," you will find the application deadlines and forms that you must submit.

For many programs, you must submit both a SUNY Application AND the host institution application to the SUNY Plattsburgh Global Education Office.

Here is a general checklist for you to submit to the Global Education Office:

  • Host institution application - visit the web page on this site that describes your program. You can download the form under the section "How to Apply" on their information page or email us to request a copy.
  • SUNY Application
    • The SUNY Application requires/includes:
      • $35 application fee - payment details are on the front of the application.
      • Official transcripts* - we must have official transcripts from each college or university you have attended. Use the mailing address at the end of this section.
        *SUNY Plattsburgh Students, please note: you too must request official transcripts from the SUNY Plattsburgh Registrar's Office to be sent to us at the address below. Please follow these instructions for requesting a transcript.
      • Study statement - Type a brief statement explaining why you want to study abroad and how it fits in with your college plans and beyond. Use a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the cover sheet included in your application packet. Do not hand write your statement in the blank space on the form. Take your statement seriously, it may be forwarded to the school abroad. Your academic advisor must also sign the form.
      • Two academic references - There are two reference forms included in the SUNY application. These references should be from professors who are familiar with your academic work at the university level. If you are applying to more than one study abroad program, you should ask your references to make multiple signed copies of this form.
      • Foreign language proficiency form - Students do not need to complete this form if your native language is English and you will be taking classes taught in English. If you are planning to study in a language that is not your own, ask a faculty member to rate your ability in that language by completing this form.

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How to apply for National Student Exchange.

NSE is only open to SUNY Plattsburgh students. You will find detailed application instructions and a copy of the application form on the pages that describe the National Student Exchange Program. You can also e-mail the Global Education Office for a copy, or stop by our office to pick up a copy.

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What happens once I apply?

Once the application deadline has passed, we review all applications for completeness and quality. We then send applications that are complete and meet the host institution's minimum eligibility criteria abroad for a final decision. As soon as Study Abroad and Exchanges sends your application abroad, we will mail you a letter notifying you of your nomination and send along other pre-departure information and required forms.

In most cases, host institutions accept the students we nominate. However, there are cases when they do not, and their reasons are mostly due to limited space. For that reason, we ask that you prepare for departure after you have received your first letter from SUNY Plattsburgh, but not to make any financial commitments to the program (i.e., buying a plane ticket) until you have an acceptance letter from your host institution.

You should also note that different countries work at different speeds. Some may not provide you with information as soon as you want it. You may not receive things when you want them, but you will receive them. For some of you, this waiting will be your first experience in culture shock. There is nothing you can do but wait. Study Abroad and Exchanges respects cultural differences and host institution's schedules.

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Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about study abroad and exchange opportunities at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact us at:

Global Education Office
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-3287
Toll-Free Phone: (800) 388-6784
Fax: (518) 564-3292

Location: We are on the second floor of the Kehoe Administration Building on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.