Study Abroad in Asia

Why Study In Asia?

Asia is a diverse continent growing in popularity as a destination for overseas study.

Remember! If you are interested in studying in Europe in a country not listed above, check out the complete list of SUNY sponsored programs. As a SUNY student, you can choose from over 500 programs offered by schools within the SUNY system.

Programs of Study

Study in China

Why Study in China?

The study abroad program in China gives students an opportunity to take courses in both English and Chinese. The university is located in the city of Ningbo, which is just south of Shanghai. China plays a large and growing role in the global economy of today and students can learn about the history of the country as well as its plans for future development through this program.

Program in China

Study in Japan

Why Study in Japan?

This program offers provides access to Japenese culture while studying language, world perspectives, or business.  The university is located in the beautiful city of Kyoto and offers students the option to study for a semester or year.     

Study in Kazakhstan

Why Study in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, connecting Europe with China and Russia. Five nations border Kazakhstan: China to the east; Russia to the north; the Caspian Sea to the west; and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan to the south.

Program in Kazakhstan

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