National Student Exchange

Why NSE?

National Student Exchange offers you the opportunity to study for a semester or year at one of over 180 colleges and universities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Canada. Participating in NSE enables you to access different campuses' resources, faculty and courses while living in a different geographical and cultural setting of North America. You can check out a school you are considering for graduate studies, or area where you think you might want to live one day.

  • Terms: fall and spring semesters.
  • Eligibility: full-time SUNY Plattsburgh students only; minimum 2.5 GPA; minimum sophomore standing at the time of participation.
  • Credits: you must take a minimum of twelve semester credits/undergraduate credit available only.
  • Application Deadline: February 25 for fall and July 1 for spring.

How to Apply

Please check back with us shortly as we prepare to roll out our brand new website and online application!

How to Choose a Program and Credit

First, come to our office for the latest copy of the NSE catalog! You need to choose an NSE host institution based on whether or not it has courses that will apply to your requirements at SUNY Plattsburgh. Choosing an institution based on a location is not a wise idea as that school may not have your major, or classes in your major there are not open to NSE students. To find course information, you will have to look at each NSE institution's website. To find out which courses are closed to NSE students, pick up a copy of the NSE catalog at our office. You can also find this information on the NSE website.

Courses you take on an NSE program can satisfy your requirements here; however, you must have these courses evaluated. Prior to departure, you must submit a Permission for Off-Campus Study Form, which is how you have your courses evaluated. You will receive this copy and more instructions in your acceptance packet.

NSE Payment Plans

NSE has two payment plans: Plan A and Plan B.

  • Under Plan A, you pay tuition, fees, room and board directly to your host institution at that state's resident rate. You will also apply for financial aid to your host institution for that semester.
  • Under Plan B, you pay your normal tuition and fees to SUNY Plattsburgh and your room and board costs to your home institution. You apply for financial aid through SUNY Plattsburgh.

Other Costs for NSE

Regardless of whether you are on Plan A or B, you will be charged a $350 NSE registration fee at SUNY Plattsburgh for each semester you participate in the program.  Plan A students will also pay the technology fee and the college fee. Plan B students must pay all mandatory fees. For a current rate of SUNY Plattsburgh's fees, please visit Student Accounts.

Participating in NSE involves other costs too. They are, but not limited to: round trip transportation, clothing and a passport and maybe a visa if going to Canada.

Please note that all fees are subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid

You can apply most of the forms of aid you currently receive towards the cost of participation in NSE. Students who are placed on Plan B will proceed with applying for financial aid as normal here at SUNY Plattsburgh. Students on Plan B will have to make arrangements for their aid to be transferred to their host institution for housing costs if they have leftover aid after they have paid their tuition and fees to Plattsburgh. Fill out the FAFSA and have a Student Aid Report submitted to the host campus' financial aid office if you will be on Plan A. If you have questions about participating in NSE and financial aid, please consult with the Financial Aid Office in Plattsburgh.

Health Insurance

All registered SUNY students are required to have health insurance. You must purchase an insurance plan through SUNY Plattsburgh, or waive it by showing proof of other coverage.  For NSE students going to Canada, SUNY has a special comprehensive international policy that is paid each semester. You must purchase it, or waive it by showing that you already have the same coverage.

More Information


Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about study abroad and exchange opportunities at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact us at:

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