First Time Logging In With Banner?

Your first time logging in can be tricky if you don't know what to do.

  • Step 1-Access Banner at or click on the link at the left under "Course Registration." Click on the link "Login to Banner Web Secure Access."

  • Step 2-In the box labled "User ID" enter your social security number. In the box called "PIN" please enter the last 6 digits of your social (no dashes or spaces). Click the "Login" button.


  • Step 3- For security reasons, you now need to change your PIN from the last 6 digits of your social to a new unique six digit number that you create. It cannot remain the last 6 digits of your social and it must be a number. In the first box, type in the last 6 digits of your social. In the second box, type your new 6 digit PIN, confirm by re-typing this number in the third box. Click on "Login."
You now are logged in, and on the Main Menu. Here are some of the things you can view or access from the Main Menu:
  • Account Summary
  • Change your address/contact information/email address 
  • Advisor Assignment
  • Course Registration (add/drop, master schedule search, course schedule)
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades (this is the only way to view your grades, grades will not be sent to you in the mail)
  • Master Schedule
  • Transcripts