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Plattsburgh State University of New York considers the college's e-mail system, e.g. employee's or student's, along with the United States Postal Service, an official means of communication. The college will consider employees and students to be duly informed and in receipt of notifications and correspondences sent by an college administrator, staff, or faculty delivered to an employee's or a student's college e-mail account.  It is recommended that employees and students frequently access their college assigned e-mail account for official information. 

What does this policy mean to you?

The college administrative offices, staff, and faculty will be using the college's e-mail system as an official means of communication with you. This will allow campus offices to share important information more quickly and directly.  As such, it is your responsibility to check your Plattsburgh e- mail account

What happens if I don't read my Plattsburgh e-mail or my preferred e-mail?

You risk the consequences of missing important datelines and information about registration, financial aid, etc.   College offices will hold you responsible for all e-mail communications/notifications sent to you

Is e-mail the only form of communication there will be between College offices and students?

No, selected information will continue to be sent via regular mail. However, College offices will be using e-mail frequently as a means of communication, so it is to your benefit to check your e-mail. 


The  Help Desk staff will be able to assist you at 564-4433.

Plattsburgh Net ID

What is a Net ID?

Your NetID is a name or username that uniquely identifies you. It is used in combination with a password, that should only be known to you, to gain access to key services. Your NetID is also the prefix to your Plattsburgh email address and the information you will use to login to the portal (

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Did you know that as a student, faculty or staff member of Plattsburgh State, you have access to anti-virus software for your computer? It's true. In order to access this information and download the software using the link below, you must login with your Net ID (this is the same user name as you would use to check your email), and password.


What is Banner?

Banner is where you will find access to your personal information on file with Plattsburgh State, such as your unofficial transcript, address, phone number, email address and curriculum information. Banner is also where you will find the master schedule of classes for previous as well as up and coming semesters. Banner is now incorporated within the My Plattsburgh Portal.