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Assessment at SUNY Plattsburgh

Measuring Student Learning Outcomes and Institutional Effectiveness

At SUNY Plattsburgh, assessment of student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness is the responsibility of all academic departments and educational and administrative support units. Each department/unit has established an assessment program and prepares an Assessment Record summarizing assessment activities, results, and applications annually. This Assessment Record is an attachment to the Annual Report and is reviewed by the Dean and/or Vice President to whom the department/unit reports.

SUNY-Wide Assessment Programs

SUNY Plattsburgh also participates in several SUNY-wide assessment efforts. These include:

  1. annual assessment of the General Education Program with respect to SUNY-wide learning outcomes;
  2. preparation of a special assessment report for each academic program that has undergone periodic program review (including preparation of a self-study and evaluation by outside reviewers);
  3. administration of the ACT/SUNY Student Opinion Survey and Alumni Outcomes Survey;
  4. annual and occasional surveys of subsets of the student population, such as the Quality of Life Survey (on campus students only) and the National Survey for Student Engagement (first- and fourth-year students).

Annual Alumni Survey

In addition, the college undertakes its own annual survey of alumni one year after graduation.

Assessment Plan

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Contact Information

For more information about assessment programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

JoAnn Gleeson-Kreig, Ph.D., RN
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office: Kehoe 807
Phone: (518) 564-2195