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Collection and Development Policies for Special Collections

The policy described on this page pertains to Collection and Development in Special Collections only.


The Special Collections support students, faculty and community users for a variety of needs, including academic and legal research, curricular needs, life long learning, and recreation (such as genealogy). Changes (diminution) in the teaching of New York State history in public schools has been mirrored by a decline in the course offerings on campus.

Yet while the 'organized' research resulting from directed class assignments has declined, college students and public school classes interested in using 'local' sources to fulfill more general educational requirements seems to be increasing. And the interest among the general population in the history of our region, particularly genealogy, continues to grow. Through use of the internet, we are able to reach a much broader audience geographically.

Existing Collections

The collection includes books, periodicals, manuscripts, photographs, pamphlets, audio- and videocassettes, maps and census records dealing with the State of New York in general; Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties; the Adirondack-Lake Champlain Region; the Champlain Valley of Vermont and the Richelieu Valley of Quebec. The College Archives and the Rockwell Kent collection are also part of Special Collections.

Some works are in excess of 300 years old, while current materials are constantly added to the collection. Some works in French are owned, and a few in other languages, (mainly faculty publications.) Strengths of the collection include Adirondack/Lake Champlain history in book, periodical, manuscript and photographic formats; history of the college, and locally produced access tools. The collection also includes historical textbooks.

Current Collecting

Of particular interest are rare or unique materials (often manuscript).

Condition of the materials is a consideration. Since many of the materials we add to the collection are unpublished, used, old, or out of print, we must assess the importance of the material versus its condition.

Subjects Covered

  • LC classes: all

Publisher Information

Noted publishers include:

  • Purple Mountain Press,
  • Adirondack Life,
  • Adirondack Museum/Syracuse U. Press,
  • North Country Books,
  • Mooresfield Press and private local publishers.


Materials in print, microform, manuscript and media formats are collected. Electronic resources are collected by creating them in-house.  Preference for cloth or paper depends on cost vs. expected demand.


CCD does not seem to have had any effect on Special Collections.

Local cooperation has had a major impact. We 'hold' most of the manuscripts owned by the Clinton County Historical Association and the Kent DeLord House Museum. We continue to informally work with them and other institutions and individuals to make sure that historical resources within the region remain here and are properly preserved. 

Staff is involved in development and production of access tools, including manuscript collection guides, and indexing of regional periodicals.