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Locating Government Information in Feinberg Library and on the Internet

Government Documents: a Great Source of Primary Information

Feinberg Library is U.S. Federal Depository Library. We have a substantial collection of U.S. government documents both in paper and microfiche located on the second and third floors.

Examples of government documents include Congressional hearings on Vietnam War crimes, special reports on the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Kennedys, and the Congressional Record (of floor debates).

To find U.S. documents published from July 1976 to the present, search the GPO Monthly Catalog database listed on Feinberg Library's Alphabetical Listing of Databases directory.

For U.S. documents published before July 1976, search the WorldCat database listed on Feinberg Library's By Database Title menu, which includes books, video and sound recordings, manuscripts, and a variety of other material in addition to government documents. U.S. government documents collection is arranged by agency using the Superintendent of Documents classification system.Feinberg is also a depository library for New York State and Canadian federal government documents, many of which may be found by searching our catalog. The New York State and Canadian documents are physically located on the second floor just beyond the Reference Room. They are arranged by agency, using their own classification systems (see also: Canada's classification system).

Government Documents Collection in Feinberg Library

Feinberg's Government Documents Collection consists of over 400,000 New York State, U.S. and Canadian Federal government publications; these collections are located on the first and second levels near the Reference Room. As part of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), Feinberg Library selects approximately 40% of the U.S. Government Documents listed in the GPO Monthly Catalog.

United States Government Documents are organized and shelved according to the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Classification System.

Online Government Collections

Listed here are Web pages for the U.S. Federal , State and Local governments, and for the Canadian and other International governments. They can provide an excellent introduction to a variety of sources. For an excellent starting point for locating government information, try Government Information on the Internet: A Primer, by the International Association of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

"The premiere federal, state, and local government site on the Internet."

United States Government Information

Federal Web Locator: "The Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the one stop shopping point for Federal government information on the World Wide Web."

FirstGov: "The Official Government Gateways for Citizens, Business, and Governments."

Ameristat: "AmeriStat gives you instant summaries in graphics and text of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population."

U.S. Census Bureau Homepage: Includes demographic and economic census data, as well as estimates and projections, and TIGER maps. Data is now available from the 2000 Census.

Census Information Guide from Pace University: A How-to Guide for finding census data at several levels, including coimmunity and census tract.

The Government Printing Office

  • GPO Access: Indexes and retrieves the full text of major government publications

Code of Federal Regulations

The Library of Congress : The Library of Congress "preserves nearly 121 million items," in various media. "These include the largest map, film, and television collections in the world." Sections of the Library of Congress website include:

Federal Consumer Information Center : Provides information and resources for Federal programs, benefits, and services.

opensecrets.org : From the Center for Responsive Politics, this site provides funding amounts and sources for politicians at all levels of government, as well as a breakdown of donors, by sector, state, industry, and other factors.

Project Vote Smart : "A comprehensive source for information on candidates and issues." This site is searchable by zip code.

Fedforms : Provides forms for government services needed by the public.

Federal Tax Forms Online

Legal Resources : Federal, State & Local, and International sites.

U.S. Government-Related Reference Sources

State & Local Government Information

New York State Homepage : Official website for New York State.

New York State Government Information Locator Service : An excellent starting point for all New York State government information. Includes, but is not limited to, links to NYS agencies, a subject guide for NYS information, and a citizen's guide to federal, state, county, and local governments.

New York State Library : Sponsored by the NYS Education Department, at this site, you can search the library catalog, find NYS documents, and link to the NYS Newspaper Project, the Talking Book & Braille Library, and many other useful sources.

New York State Statistical Yearbook : Developed by the Rockefeller Institute of Government, it includes extensive data on demographics, economics, elections, government finance, education, and more.

State and Local Government on the Net (via Piper) : A guide to U.S. State, multi-State, and Federal Internet sites, as well as to National organizations. This database includes a topic index and a search-by-state feature.

Clinton County, New York Official Website 

City of Plattsburgh : Includes links to City Departments, the Mayor's Office, City Councillors, City Clerk forms, Community Development, the Chamber of Commerce, Plattsburgh Downtown Association, local news sites, and several others.

Canadian Government Information

Canadian Government Information : Here you will find links to Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal governments, Canadian government agencies, the Prime Minister's office, Canadian government publications and forms, and gateways to business, consumer, cultural, historical, health, and many other subjects for Canadians. In addition, an entire section is devoted to information such as immigration, commerce, and tourism for non-Canadians.

Government of Canada Publications: Covers all types of Canadian federal government documents, including many in full-text.

The Parliamentary Internet : "Created and maintained jointly by the Senate, House of Commons and the Library of Parliament," find senators and members, committee and chamber business, and information on parliamentary bills and inter-parliamentary relations.

Canadian Government Information on the Net : Provides information by level of government and by topic.

Statistics Canada : "produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country its population, resources, economy, society and culture."

AMICUS: National Library of Canada : Access to the National Library as well as to all of Canada's major research libraries.

Strategis Canada : Canadian business information web site.

International Government Information

Foreign Government Resources on the Web : From the University of Michigan

Governments on the World Wide Web : "Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc. Includes also political parties. Contains more than 17000 entries from more than 220 countries and territories as of December 2000. Frequently updated."

Directory of International Embassies : Includes links to country homepages.

Country Studies/Area Handbooks : From the Library of Congress, "the Country Studies series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world and examines the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors."
This site covers 101 countries and regions, excluding several Western and African nations.

Country Commercial Guides: Through the combined efforts of U.S. embassies and U.S. government agencies, countries' commercial environments are analyzed. Reports date from 1996 to the present.

Subject Guides for Government Information

Uncle Sam - Internet Resource Guides : Topical Guide from the University of Memphis.

University of Michigan Government Documents Center : Renowned as one of the top academic sites for government information.

FirstGov : Subject Index to U.S. government Information.

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