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Feinberg Library Scanning, Printing, and Photocopying


Feinberg's Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) will super-save your time. This service enables you to scan documents at high speed, without damage, and save them in a variety of electronic formats. What's more, it's free!

Designed especially for university libraries, the KIC kiosk is a walk-up color digitization scanning system for excerpts from books and other materials up to 24 x 17 inches. Save your scans to your USB flash drive or e-mail them directly to the account of your choosing. Find the KIC units on all levels of Feinberg Library.

Flat-bed scanners are located conveniently in Feinberg's first-floor STRC, the second-floor Reference Room, and the third floor. These scanners are connected to computers, allowing for easy printing.


Printers are available on all floors. Color printing service is available at the first-floor Service Desk; this service is for students, staff, and faculty only, at a minimal cost. If you run out of print quota, go to the Second-Floor Service Desk to purchase a coupon for $1.50.  This coupon will have a code that you will enter to receive an additional 100 pages of printing. Or, if you have Cardinal Cash, go to the First-Floor Service Desk, where staff will add 100 pages to your account.

  • If you print and the pages come out too light because the toner cartridge needs to be changed or the printer jams, go to the First-Floor Service Desk; we will add those pages back into your quota. Bring the pages you want added back into your quota to the desk.
  • If you did not receive a print quota for the semester, go to the First-Floor Service Desk for assistance.

WebPrint wireless printing- Though not limited to Feinberg, WebPrint lets you print files from your laptop to campus printers.


We will provide copies for 10 cents per page. Please see the second-floor Service Desk for assistance.

Need Help?

Should you require any help with scanning, photocopying, or microfilm/microfiche duplication, simply ask at the closest Service Desk.


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