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Campus Construction Schedule 2015-2016

Academic Buildings

Rick Larche, capital project manager, is overseeing the following projects. He may be reached at rlarc001@plattsburgh.edu.

1. Hawkins Hall Pond Infrastructure Project

  • Estimated timeline: Monday, May 18 through the end of August 2015.
  • Scope: Around the pond area. There is some remaining below grade piping work to be completed during the summer of 2015. A pond liner will be installed, as well as a waterfall feature. The area will be landscaped and improved lighting will be put in place.
  • Notes:
    • Egress doors facing the Pond from Hawkins Hall, Ward Hall, and Hudson Hall will be signed to indicate you are entering a construction area. Please only use these doors in the event of an EMERGENCY. This will just be a temporary situation until the Fall semester at which point all normal egress and traffic patterns will be restored.

2. Hawkins Hall: Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: June 2015 through the early winter months of 2015.
  • Scope: This is a complete replacement of the existing fire alarm system, including devices, wire and controls.
  • Notes:
    • The majority of the work will be done at night during the hours of 10:00 p.m. 7 a.m. Fire alarm system coverage will be maintained throughout the replacement.

3. Yokum Hall: Communications Upgrade

  • Estimated timeline: June 8th is the approximate completion date.
  • Scope: The demolition, abatement and reconstruction have been completed in the TV/audio area of Yokum Hall. The existing TV equipment has been completely upgraded with minor upgrades on the audio side.
  • Notes:
    • Overall this project will provide the communications studios with a facelift and, more importantly, a major equipment upgrade bringing the facilities up to current studio standards. Currently we are in the final stages of equipment installation and startup. End user training will be conducted the first week of June 2015.

4. Kehoe Administration Building: Generator Installation

  • Estimated timeline: July – December, 2015.
  • Scope: Installation of an emergency backup generator for Kehoe Administration Building. The object is to provide backup power to key network servers for continuity of operations during a power failure event.
  • Notes:
    • The project is nearing 100% design.

5. Hudson Hall: Cooling Coil for Room 106 and pre-heat coil for Planetarium

  • Estimated timeline: Currently underway with an estimated completion of June 2015.
  • Scope: Installation of condensing fans and a cooling coil in the air handling unit serving Lecture Classroom 106 for air conditioning during the summer months.
  • Notes:
    • Startup of the new coil and fan units is underway.  Project is 95% complete.

6. Central Campus: Podium Rehabilitation

  • Estimated timeline: June 2015 through Spring 2016.
  • Scope: This is an extensive rehabilitation of the existing elevated walkway, called the podium, which connects numerous buildings at the second-floor level. Phase I shall include the Podium spanning from the walkway starting at Parking Lot 8 of Yokum Hall by Beaumont Hall and completing at Hudson Hall. It will involve removing the existing walking surface pavers down to the existing structural slab. A new membrane, drainage and stamped concrete walking surface will be installed. An impressed current cathodic protection system will be installed to protect the reinforcing steel in the structure. Also new to the structure will be a radiant heat snow melt system in the hardscape portion, to minimize if not negate snow removal operations. The reduction in heavy snow removal equipment and use of chlorides as deicers will serve to vastly extend the life of the Podium. New green spaces will spruce up the walkways along the railing edges, and the underside will be rehabilitated to fix all the damaged concrete from water infiltration. The two approaches to the bridge over Broad St. will be completely replaced.
  • Notes:
    • The project will be phased to allow some minimized traffic flow around the construction areas, but some delays should be anticipated and alternate routes will be indicated for foot traffic. Some preliminary work has taken place adjacent to the two 2nd floor entrances to Yokum Hall facing Beaumont Hall, as well as an area on the Northeast corner of Myers Fine Arts. This preliminary work was done over the winter of 2014/2015 to mitigate current leaks occurring as a result of a failure in the Podium water proofing/flashing.

7. Au Sable Hall: Final Touches

  • Estimated timeline: Summer of 2015.
  • Scope: Remediate exterior terrace doors and all windows. The window remediation was started late in the summer just before the Fall semester of 2014, but has been put on hold over the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 sessions. It will start again in the summer of 2015, specifically on May 25th. The work on the windows will entail a reassembly of the existing windows to replace water diverters in the frame and gaskets.

8. Sibley Hall Phase I Renovation

  • Estimated timeline: Summer of 2015 through Spring of 2017.
  • Scope: A complete renovation of the South end of Sibley Hall, including a new second floor in the gymnasium space. The gym will be taken off line and replaced with offices and clinic space for the Psychology Dept. Other department moves will be occurring within the current Third Age, NCTRC, and EHS locations to support this renovation.
  • Notes:
    • Part 1 of this project will entail renovating the current NCTRC space. Once ready Third Age will be moved into that area.  Part 2 will be working on the areas currently occupied by the gym, EHS and Third Age. Access to HRT area will remain off the Rugar St. Side, with a slide modification on the delivery entrance off George Angell drive. The inner corridors adjacent to the work areas and the rest of Sibley Hall will be partitioned to separate construction from the rest of the occupied areas, and signed accordingly. Traffic flow through the building will be minimally disrupted.

Residence Halls

Jules Lapoint, residence hall project manager, is overseeing the following projects. He may be contacted at jlapo003@plattsburgh.edu.

1.Masonry Restoration for Kent and Macomb Hall

  • Status: project was bid and awarded to Tracey Trombly Construction
  • The masonry restoration of Kent and Macomb Hall will consist of installing expansion joints in the brick masonry on the building exterior, removal of biological growth from the exterior of the building, removal and replacement of deteriorated mortar and bricks, removal and replacement of localized failing sealants on windows, louvers, and soffits. In addition Kent Hall will have two entrances replaced and Macomb Hall will have three of its exterior entrances replaced. Construction will commence on 5/18/15 with a completion date of 8/19/15.

2.Macdonough Hall Re-Roofing Project

  • Status: remaining roof work to take place the summer of 2015
  • Phase 2 work, staging and roof replacement work will begin on 5/18/15 and is scheduled to be completed on the east and west wings by 8/20/15. All building ingress and egress will be maintained throughout the project. The contractor will be utilizing the parking areas on the north and south side of Macdonough Hall as well as an area of the parking lot behind Harrington Hall.

3.Mason Hall Renovation

  • Status: project is in completion stage
  • Punch list work is being completed as well as final acceptance testing of the building systems.

4.Macdonough Hall Kitchenette Installation

  • Status: kitchenette bid was awarded to Murnane Contracting
  • Construction for the installation of eight kitchenettes and the reconfiguration of the RD office space in Macdonough Hall will begin on 5/18/15 and is scheduled to be completed by 8/10/15. The work involves converting the floor lounges on the 3rd, 2nd, and basement levels into full service kitchenettes, along with converting the 1st floor game area into a kitchenette along with the reconfiguration of the existing RD office spaces. Contractor lay down and staging area will be located in the parking lot behind Harrington Hall.

5.Moffitt Hall Renovation

  • Status: bid has been awarded Bette and Cringe Contracting
  • Renovation of the 9 story dorm is scheduled to begin on 5/26/2015 with a completion date of 7/8/2016. The work involves the reconfiguration of the existing suites that will provide 4 additional single rooms on floors 2 through 9, complete renovation of the bathrooms that will provide ADA compliance, full service kitchenette’s on floors 2 through 9, study lounge on floors 2 through 9, rebuilding of the elevators that will provide stops on all floors for both cars, reconfiguration of the lounge areas on the first floor that will provide the addition of an Interfaith room, reconfiguration of the lobby and RD Office area, reconfiguration of the RD apartment that will provide more living area, upgrade of all building services, full coverage sprinkler system, installation of energy efficient windows and installation of exterior insulation panels that will mirror deFredenburgh and Hood Hall.

6.Wilson Hall Design

  • Status: designers have been selected and the design is moving forward
  • The project is in the initial design phases and has progressed through the pre-schematic phase to the 30% schematic design drawings. The design is looking at providing building envelope enhancements that will mirror Hood, deFredenburgh, and Moffitt Hall. It is the design intent to provide an open floor plan for all floors, kitchenettes for floors 2 through 9, more program space, upgraded building systems, full coverage sprinkler system, and total renovation of the existing bathrooms that will include ADA accessibility.

7.Banks Hall

  • Status: Masonry re-pointing work awarded.
  • Masonry re-pointing of approximately 300 square feet of brick on the south face of Banks Hall on floors 9 through 7 will take place from 5/18/15 through 6/30/15.

8.Whiteface Hall

  • Status: Window Caulking, Masonry Caulking, and Weep Hole installation work awarded.
  • Weep hole installation, masonry and window caulking will take place on the east and west face of Whiteface Hall on floors 9 through 7 on 5/18/15 through 6/30/15.

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