Directory of Human Resource Services Forms


Address Change Form

Employees may now change their address using the new Self Service feature.

Or by submitting the Address Change Form to Human Resource Services

Annual Activity Report

In An Agreement Between the State University of New York College of Arts and Science at Plattsburgh and United University Professions Article 14 of the Performance Review of Professional Employees Policies and Procedures and Article 6 of the Performance Review of Academic Employees Policies and Procedures states:

By September 1 of each year, each professional/academic employee will submit to the College President, or his or her designee, an Annual Professional Activities Report for the term of obligation last ended.  Please note that, beginning Spring Semester 2016, the Annual Activity Reports in Academic Affairs will be due on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  In other divisions, please obtain due date from your respective Vice President and adjust the Report Period accordingly. 

Application to Volunteer


Background Verification Authorization Release Form



CP-1 (Appointment Form)

Appointment form, or reappointment following a break in service of more than one semester, for unclassified staff.

Contact HRS for assistance with automatic generation of CP-1 in ORS for new hire.

Need Help Completing the CP-1 Form? View instructions.

CP-3 (Change in Status Form) Full-Time/Part Time

Change in status form, or reappointment, for unclassified staff.

Need Help Completing the CP-3 Form? View instructions.

CP-3a (Adjunct Reappointment Form)

Reappointment for adjunct titles.

Need Help Completing the CP-3a Form? View instructions.

CSEA Annual Performance Evaluation Form

Customer Comment Card


Employee Suggestion Program

Form to be used when submitting suggestions. Please print and sign the form prior to submission.

Employee Accident Report

This form must be completed and forwarded to Human Resource Services to report a work-related accident.


Health Insurance Transaction Form PS-404


Honorarium Approval Form


Leave Donation Form


Name Change Form


Personal Information Form

Performance Review (Professional)

Performance Review (Academic)


Salary Reduction Agreement

Special Session Appointment Information Form

Statement in Lieu of Oath


UP-8P (Request for Extra Service Form)

Request for Extra Service Form (UUP Employees).


Violence Incident Report Form

A reportable violent incident should be defined as any threatening remark or overt act of physical violence against a person(s) or property whether reported or observed.

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS}

This program allows employees to voluntarily trade income for time off. See your Collective Bargaining Agreement for additional details specific to your negotiating agreement.



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