Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops

Designed to help faculty with planning and thinking creatively about teaching


Here is your slate of teaching workshops to help you build and maintain momentum in your teaching this semester!

Teaching Portfolios: Tues., Sept. 2, 12:00, ACC#8
A teaching portfolio is a means for tracking and reflecting on one’s teaching practices for sustained professional development in teaching. Such portfolios can make life easier in the long run by providing essential information about course design and teaching successes and challenges that can be used throughout one’s teaching career. This workshop will provide faculty with templates and tools for building their own portfolios. We will also discuss the potential for constructing e-portfolios in the near future.

Cheap and Easy: Creating Videos and Audios for Your Courses: Wed., Sept. 3, 2:00 ACC#8
Karen Case will once again show us how to use free apps and software to create dynamic videos and audios for our classes. This was a fun and dynamic workshop last year, so don’t miss out!

Making the Most of Moodle: Monday, Sept. 8thh, 3:00, ACC#8
While it is perfectly acceptable to use Moodle in a basic formatting fashion, don’t you wish your sites had some personality and style? If you consider your course site to be an extension of your own teaching and classroom, why not make it as inviting and accessible as possible? In this workshop I will show you how to make your Moodle course as efficient as possible and give it a shine that welcomes your students to the process of learning outside the classroom.

Three Technology Tools to Enhance Your Face-to-Face Class: Friday, Sept. 12th, 1:00, ACC# 8
Karen Case will talk about effective use of PowerPoint, use of social media, and the Attendance/Scheduler function on Moodle.

Feedback: The Bedrock of Teaching: Thurs., Sept. 25th, 12:00, ACC 8
Simply put: why it matters to have timely and constructive feedback, and how to give it.

How to Teach Online: Mon., 1:00, Oct. 6th, ACC# 8
With Karen Case. The nuts and bolts of online teaching and good pedagogy for that medium.

Troublesome Knowledge: Wed., Oct. 15th, 1:00, ACC# 8
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to threshold concepts, what they are, how they impact student learning, and strategies for guiding students through them.

Reverse Course Design: Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Tues., Oct. 28th, 11:00, ACC# 8
It’s never too early to think about designing or re-designing your courses for next spring. By using techniques of reverse design you can achieve a level of organization that gives you more confidence in student success with your learning outcomes, and save yourself valuable time with assignments and grading during the semester.

Faculty Learning Communities
Faculty Learning Communities meet at least once a month on a schedule determined by the participants. Refreshments are provided. Please contact Brianne as soon as possible to indicate your interest in joining one. If you have other ideas for FLCs, or perhaps would like to lead one yourself with support and resources from the CTE, please let me know soonest!

Threshold Concepts
This FLC will be focused on the provocative work of Ray Land et. al. in their development of theory on threshold concepts and learning. Threshold concepts concern those challenges to understanding that are distinct to disciplines and how they can be addressed to improve learning. You will be provided with the paperback, Overcoming Barriers to Student Understanding: Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge by Jan Meyer and Ray Land, as a resource for discussion.

Junior Faculty
is for new and untenured faculty. This FLC gives these faculty time and space to share challenges and successes in teaching, and to broaden and strengthen their membership in the Plattsburgh faculty community. Junior Faculty
is for new and untenured faculty. Participants will be provided with First-Order Principles for College Teachers: Ten Basic Ways to Improve the Teaching Process, by Robert Boice.

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