Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops

Designed to help faculty with planning and thinking creatively about teaching

  • To register, please e-mail the Center with your request. ( If you have any questions about the workshops in general or particular workshops that interest you, please contact any one of us.
  • This semester we will Fuze our workshops to anyone who is off campus. If you would like to participate via Fuze, please let us know when you sign up. We will send you a sign-in link prior to the workshop. 

CTE workshops are not lectures, so come prepared to work on issues in your own teaching, reflect on your teaching goals, and get some practical takeaways that you can apply in your courses. Here is your slate of teaching workshops to help you build and maintain momentum in your teaching this semester!


Workshops for Spring 2017

Finding Meaning in the COS
Monday, January 30th, 12:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
This is a workshop on how to interpret and respond to course opinion surveys.  The purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools to understand the elements of the student surveys that are most relevant to efficacy in teaching and suggestions on how to address those elements in a productive and sustained way.       
Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 1:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
Rubrics are not magical teaching devices that make grading fast and feedback effortless, but they are good tools that help us insure that we are assessing our students’ work in a fair and reasonable way. They also provide us with continuity and our students with clarity about what we expect from their work and what we want them to learn. Come to this workshop and learn about the possibilities and limits of rubrics and how to construct rubrics that best serve what you need.
Making the Most of Moodle
Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
While it is perfectly acceptable to use Moodle in a basic formatting fashion, don’t you wish your sites had some personality and style? If you consider your course site to be an extension of your own teaching and classroom, why not make it as inviting and accessible as possible? In this workshop I will show you how to make your Moodle course as efficient as possible and give it a shine that welcomes your students to the process of learning outside the classroom.
Point Me in the Right Direction: PowerPoint 101
Wednesday, Feb. 8th, 11:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
Let me be brutally honest – poorly designed and executed Power Points can undermine all the good will and effort you put into your teaching. If you really need to use this tool, I can help you understand the principles that frame effective use of it. I can also help you to see where the hazards lie that threaten to undo what you’re trying to accomplish.
Teaching in These Times **Both sessions are full, sign-ups are closed**
Tuesday , Feb. 14th & Thursday, Feb. 16th, 12:30 luncheon discussion with lunch provided.
Tuesday, Feb. 28th & Thursday, March 2nd, 12:30 luncheon discussion with lunch provided.
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1 for both days, both sessions
However frustrated and even demoralized you might feel these days, remember that we are practitioners of a profession that has stunning power to change the world. In these back to back luncheon meetings we will talk about who we are as teachers and who we need to be in these troubled times.
This two-part workshop has a 12 person cap, so signing up is a commitment to attend both days.  If your availability changes, please notify Brianne by the 13th so the catering can be adjusted.  Thank you!
Teaching Large Classes
Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 3:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #8
In this session we will discuss ways to address the biggest challenges to teaching classes with over 30 students: grading, assignment design, giving timely and constructive feedback, keeping track of student understanding, and sustaining class energy and dynamic. I’ll have specific advice for troubleshooting other issues that arise.
So You Want to Teach Online
Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 12:30
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
Teaching online is a very different experience from teaching face to face, though the principles of good teaching hold true for both. In this workshop we will talk about whether and how your teaching style is effectively matched to the online format. You will be will guided through the process, challenges, and advantages of teaching online at Plattsburgh. 
Cultivating Gratitude: A Practical Method for Improving Teaching and Reducing Stress and Burnout 
Friday, Feb. 24th, 2:00
Location: ACC Meeting Room #1
Jessamyn Neuhaus will provide a very short overview on the proven physical and mental benefits of cultivating gratitude in our daily lives, as based on mindfulness stress reduction practices.  She’ll outline some specific, effective, and easy-to-implement ways that gratitude practices can be utilized in and outside the classroom by SUNY Plattsburgh teachers, and tailored to our widely varying personalities and pedagogical approaches.  After a short gratitude-cultivating exercise aimed at our specific individual teaching contexts, we will reflect together and share ideas about how these practices could be implemented in our teaching lives.
Special Workshop Requests:
The CTE is happy to create and facilitate a workshop for your department or program focusing on particular topics, populations, events, or challenges. Please contact Becky, x3043 if you would like to discuss a special workshop for your group



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