Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops

Designed to help faculty with planning and thinking creatively about teaching


Here is your slate of teaching workshops to help you build and maintain momentum in your teaching this semester! I will probably add a couple more, but let's start out with these. Please note – they are all in ACC #1. Easy to remember!!! Please send a note if you wish to attend.

Lectures and Discussions: Monday, February 10th, 12:00-1:00, ACC #1
This workshop is aimed at providing both an analysis of what makes a lecture most effective and an opportunity to review techniques that give spirit and polish to great lectures and elicits worthwhile discussion.

Two-Minute Toolkit: Fast, Easy, and Effective Teaching Techniques and Tips from the Northeast’s Best Teachers: Thursday, February 13th, 10:00-11:00 ACC #1
Conducted by Jessamyn Neuhaus
At this workshop I’ll share with you some effective and easily implemented teaching tools I learned from presenters and participations at the 2013 northeast Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning. These are ideas that can be very simply incorporated into any course, at any level.  They are all aimed at creating effective learning environments in the classroom.  I will even share with you two magic words guaranteed to reduce students’ attempts to covertly text during class! The goal of this workshop to identify the “Two-Minute Toolkit” you probably have already started building, and to consider how these tips from other educators recognized as effective and engaging teachers might be incorporated into your own classes.

Teaching Portfolio: Wednesday, February 19th, 11:00-12:00 ACC #1
A teaching portfolio is a means for tracking and reflecting on one’s teaching practices for sustained professional development in teaching. Such portfolios can make life easier in the long run by providing essential information about course design and teaching successes and challenges that can be used throughout one’s teaching career. This workshop will provide faculty with templates and tools for building their own portfolios. We will also discuss the potential for constructing e-portfolios in the near future.

CANCELED - The Tao of Teaching, Part I: A Pedagogy for Mental Health in Chaotic Times, Monday, February 24th, 12:00-1:30, ACC #1
This workshop is not so much about teaching strategies and techniques, but about changing one’s mind in a way that gives rise to a holistic and healthy approach to teaching. Participants should expect to engage in discussions that challenge traditional views about the nature of teaching and learning. Lunch will be served, so please contact me to register for this workshop.

CANCELED - The Tao of Teaching, Part II: Practicing What You Seek, Wednesday, February 26th, 12:00-1:30, ACC #1
Designed primarily for those who have take the “Tao of Teaching Part I,” this workshop can still be beneficial for those who would like to re-think their approach to practical pedagogical issues concerning course activities, assessments, and assignments. The perspective taken from this approach is based on the principle of wu-wei, which advocates action derived from compassion, restraint, and unimportance. Registration is limited to 10 participants. Lunch will be served.

Assuming the Worst (and Best): Wednesday, March 5th, 3:30-4:30, ACC #1
We all make assumptions, and we all know the dangers in doing so. In this workshop, co-presented by members of the Student Committee for Teaching Excellence, we will talk about how assumptions made by both students and faculty in the teaching learning process can affect the success of our efforts. We will talk frankly about how we can help each other to overcome the problems we face by not communicating clearly – all part of the SCTE's efforts to "Bridge the Gap."

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