Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops

Designed to help faculty with planning and thinking creatively about teaching


Here is your slate of teaching workshops to help you build and maintain momentum in your teaching this semester!

Teaching 101: Quick Tips and Techniques: February 4, Wednesday 11:00, ACC #8
Whether you have been teaching for many years or a few, it is always helpful to have an opportunity to review the fundamental best practices of excellent teaching. In this workshop we will review some practical and proven advice for great experiences in teaching and learning.

First-Year Students: Lessons from the Gateway: February 2, Monday, 12:00, AAC# 8
This workshop will offer participants a brief review of the book Generation on a Tightrope, a summary of focus group results from the Gateway pilot conducted last fall, and recommendations for teaching first year students.

The Tao of Teaching: February 10, Tuesday, 12:30, ACC #1
This workshop is for those who would like to re-think their approach to practical pedagogical issues concerning course activities, assignments, and classroom behavior issues. The perspective taken from this approach is based on the principle of Wu-Wei, which advocates action derived from compassion, restraint, and unimportance.

Moodle for Course Enhancement: February 12, Thursday, 9:30, ACC #1
Moodle is more than a repository for material and a platform for quizzes. In this workshop we will review various Moodle activities and functions that can help you organize your course and enhance your students’ learning.

E-Portfolio for Teaching: February 23, Monday 2:00, ACC #1
Mahara is our e-portfolio software, but chances are you haven’t yet explored how it can be used in teaching. This workshop is an introduction to e-portfolio with suggestions on how it can be used to support your teaching objectives.

Faculty Learning Communities
We currently have 40 faculty enrolled in three sections of the faculty learning community, Generation on a Tightrope. While I don’t have any more copies of the text to give away, you are welcome to sign up for the second round of meetings. Meeting times and dates will be determined by a Doodle polls sent out next week.

Junior Faculty Learning Communities
The Junior FLC is for new and untenured faculty. This FLC gives these faculty time and space to share challenges and successes in teaching, and to broaden and strengthen their membership in the Plattsburgh faculty community.

The CTE is happy to organize another set of meetings for Junior Faculty, if there is an interest. Please contact if you would like to join one.

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