Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Learning Communities

Schedule for Academic Year 2016-17

What it is
This is a September-to-May program in which members collaborate across disciplines on a specific project related to teaching. You will receive a certificate upon your successful completion of this FLC. 

How it works
Meeting time: one Thursday per month, 10:00 - 11:30am
September 15, October 13, November 17, and December 15
We will meet once per month to discuss a reading, hear updates on members' project progress, and plan next steps for each participant. We will ask you to select one of the courses you are teaching (or some other context where you have contact with students) to try some innovations, assess student learning along particular dimensions, and get student input and feedback to those changes or to particular questions. You will also develop a project related to teaching and learning in order to enhance your teaching, and report the results of that project (via poster session and/or digital repository) to the campus community at the end of the spring term.

The theme of this FLC is “Who Are We Teaching?” Much ink has been spilled by experts who analyze this generation and the contemporary college student, and often the conclusions are dire, and seem to leave little opportunity for teachers to make a difference. Yet no doubt many of our students are succeeding and even flourishing here because of our teaching. We already know a lot about who they are and how to guide their learning. However, we struggle to make connections with other students or move them forward. So what if we could develop additional insight into students—who they are, why they are here, and what they are dealing with—by sharing our own experiences, and by going to the source, the students themselves? In this FLC we will develop opportunities to learn more about the students in our classrooms from themselves directly, from experts, and from one another, and explore possible implications for our teaching.

Examples of projects you might undertake to enhance your teaching 
• Classroom observations (You and a colleague observe one another’s class and write up your observations and recommendations)
• Create or augment your teaching portfolio
• Collaborate with the CTE on a teaching workshop (spring semester)
• Develop a session for a teaching and learning conference

We look forward to this collaborative opportunity to enhance our teaching and sense of community.  

(This FLC will be facilitated by Michael. 
If you are interested or simply want to learn more, please contact Michael.)

Join the conversation!

The Center's FLCs are based on the principle of a "community of practice," which is a group of people engaged in collective learning around a particular set of questions, topics, circumstances, goals, or challenges. FLCs are most successful and rewarding when participants commit not just to their own learning and development, but the growth and fulfillment of other members in the community of practice. Out of this shared set of interests and desires, new knowledge and practices emerge. The process is often quite transformative, and members often "graduate" from the FLC with practical insights and action plans for their teaching.

How the FLC Is Organized
Typically, the FLCs that the CTE facilitates are centered loosely around a book or set of readings. But participants are invited to bring their own experiences and knowledge into this space for exploration. The Center provides organization, recruitment, and facilitation of faculty learning communities designed for specific cohorts, such as new faculty, adjuncts, online instructors, or those who have a common pedagogical interest. 

How the FLC Works
Faculty Learning Communities meet at least once a month. Please contact Brianne as soon as possible to indicate your interest in joining one. If you have other ideas for FLCs, or perhaps would like to lead one yourself with support from the CTE, please let us know as soon as possible!


Contact Information

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