Student Committee on Teaching Excellence (SCTE)

The Student Committee on Teaching Excellence (SCTE) is a special advisory committee to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). It is made up entirely of students at SUNY Plattsburgh who are dedicated to working collaboratively with faculty to support great teaching at the College.

What SCTE means for faculty

Teaching and learning are collaborative activities, and we cannot afford to isolate ourselves from our own classrooms. It is important for us to discover ways to increase communication and constructive discourse with our partners, our students. One place for this is in the classroom, the other is in extra-curricular, structured faculty development efforts.

The Committee is currently charged with the development and implementation of a student-sponsored teaching excellence award, contribution to publications on teaching and learning in the College, providing a plenary presentation at the annual CTE conference on teaching and learning, leading student faculty forums, and student outreach for education on how to be a responsible and active learner.

SCTE Members

Matt Amidon, Geology
James Burdick, Biology/ Education, BA/MST
Nick Casparian, Economics
William Gaynor, Adolescent Education in Mathematics (BA/MST)
Colleen Hand, Childhood/Special Education/English
Marissa Johnson, Nursing
Charles Lack, Political Science
Annmarie McGonagle, Math/Secondary Education, BA/MST
Emily Moosmann, HRT
Derrick Ruiz, Finance
Mary Kate Schmid, Business
Gabrielle Stephan Childhood/Special Education/English
Harrison Scheier, Undeclared
Megan Ward, Biology

Contact Information

For more information about the Center for Teaching Excellence, please contact:

Becky Kasper, Ph.D., Director
SUNY Plattsburgh
301 Feinberg Library, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-3043
Fax: (518) 564-5100