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Telephone Service Requests

If you are looking to add, move, change, or disconnect a telephone service, you will need to submit a Telephone Service Request form first. This form needs to be signed by the appropriate individuals and have a valid account number assigned to it for billing purposes. All work that is requested is billable.

Telephone Service Requests normally take between five to ten business days, depending on the amount of requests submitted. Please remember that the time frame of five to ten business days begins the day that we receive your request and not the day you turn it in to your supervisor.

For your convenience, we have listed the approximate costs to perform work in your area. Please keep in mind that these are approximations and prices are subject to change.

Approximate Telephone Service Request Costs

Service Wire and Jack in Place Wire and Jack Required Additional Costs
Telephone Move $102 per move $204 per move N/A
Telephone Install $102 per install $204 per install Cost of Telephone Set
Number Change $66 per change N/A N/A
Set Change $102 per change N/A Cost of Telephone Set
Disconnect $102 per disconnect N/A N/A
Software Changes $66 per change N/A N/A

Telephone Equipment Costs

Equipment Cost
Analog Telephone Varies depending on type of telephone
Digital Single Line Telephone (9 Button) $288
Digital Multi-Line Telephone (9 Button) $456
Digital Multi-Line Advanced Telephone(19 Button) $504

Telephone Service Request form

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