Parking Registration



Student Parking Registration

All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with UPD, properly display a valid hang tag, and park in designated areas, 24/7/365. This includes students residing in college housing, commuters, and students of any other campus (I.e., Clinton Community College). [See Traffic & Parking Regulations-Part 565.]

Student Parking Fees

Two parking charges are included in the student bill:

  • Registration Fee: A nonrefundable $20 registration fee is paid once in an academic year for a parking hang tag (except when tag is reported lost or stolen, there is a $20 replacement fee.)
  • Parking Fee: A $78 parking fee ($39 if part-time 6 credit hours or less) is payable each semester for campus parking privileges. This fee is prorated at WEEK 5 to $58.50, WEEK 9 to $39, and WEEK 13 to $19.50. Summer session parking fee is $25.

Student Registration Instructions

Early registration has its benefits, saving valuable time at the start of a session. To register follow these online registration instructions:

Step 1: Login in to MyPlattsburgh, click STUDENT MENU, click AUTO REGISTRATION, add/update/remove vehicle information, and then click SUBMIT. (Click one time ONLY to avoid an error message.)

Step 2: Ensure the parking fees are included on student bill, and then CONFIRM ENROLLMENT. (If you are a veteran, remove parking charges from your bill, and email with your veteran status.

Step 3: If registered by August 15, early registrants are privileged to pick up a hang tag on Opening Day, August 27, 10A-2P, at Angell College Center (ACC).

  • If registered August 16-31, pick up hang tag at ACC, August 28-31, 10A-2P.
  • Anyone who registers after September 1 shall pick up hang tag at University Police (UPD), Health Center Building, within 48 hours of registering. 

"Special" Parking Privileges for Qualifying Students

Veteran Waiver: Student veterans receive free parking upon the permanent filing of a DD-214 (honorable discharge only) with University Police (UPD). The veteran student must remove parking charges from the bill BEFORE confirming enrollment. A returning veteran, with DD-214 permanently filed, shall email with his/her current academic status, and await email confirmation within 48 hours.

Student with Disabling Condition: A student with official proof of a disabling condition may qualify for accessible parking privileges in handicapped areas, as well as, any regular space on campus. The vehicle may display a permanent accessible state issued placard; or, in the case of a temporary disability, a temporary “special use” permit issued by UPD. This requires a doctor's note on official letterhead, describing the term of the disability.

Residence Director: A Resident Director (RD) receives special parking privileges valid in a designated ‘Reserved for RD’ parking space upon (1) payment of the $20 registration fee and (2) written proof of RD status from Housing Director.  (NOTE: An RD receives these parking privileges ONLY upon registration of a vehicle. RD is responsible for any vehicle parked in RD space. All parking violations charged to vehicles registered under the RD are the responsibility of the RD. UPD strongly discourages tag sharing with another student for this reason. UPD will ticket a vehicle parked in reserved RD space when RD logs a formal complaint to

Graduate Assistant: A Graduate Assistant must register vehicle and pay both student parking fees (parking registration and parking fees), and present proof of assistant-ship to, for the privilege of obtaining a faculty/staff hang tag in lieu of a student hang tag.

Student From Another Campus: A student taking classes from another campus (ie, CCC) has the option to either "opt in" for the same parking privileges as a SUNY Plattsburgh student, or "opt out" and obtain day pass for limited parking in P21-SIBLEY at each visit. Under certain conditions a student from another campus may obtain a free long-term “limited use” pass, useable in P27-BANKS between 5P-MIDNIGHT only.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV):  A student may apply online for ‘fuel efficient vehicle’ (FEV) parking privileges in P3-AUSABLE upon certification from the campus Sustainability Officer. 

Hang Tag Pick Up and Display Instructions

At the start of the academic year, student hang tags are picked up at the Angell College Center (ACC), during the hours of 10 a.m. - 2p.m., Sunday-Wednesday, August 28- 31. NOTE: Students, preregistered by August 15, are privileged to pick up hang tags as early as ‘Move In Day,’ Saturday, August 27.)

If registering after September 1, late registrants shall pick up hang tags at UPD, Health Center Building, within 48 hours of registering.

NOTE: There is a grace period for 'no permit visible' violations received in the first week of the academic year; thereafter, the grace period is within 48 hours of registering.

Hang tag shall be readable when displayed from the rear view mirror, or on dash directly below mirror.

The registrant is responsible for all parking fines assessed to a hang tag registered under his/her name. For this reason, students should never share a hang tag.

Student hang tags expire May 2017.

Cancellation of Parking Registration

A student, wishing to cancel his/her parking registration, must return the hang tag to UPD within one week from the date it was picked up in order to receive a full refund of the parking fee. (NOTE: The registration fee is nonrefundable once the hang tag is assigned.).


Contact Information

For more information about parking at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

SUNY Plattsburgh University Police Parking Office
101 Broad Street (Health Center)

Direct all parking inquiries to: