FIN Courses

FIN350 - Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs (3 cr.)

The course provides a foundation for the financial planning and management of a new venture start-up and acquisition. It examines the process of financial forecasting, the practice of effective financial management, sources of finance, bootstrapping strategy, valuation and exit planning. The course content follows the life cycle of a new venture. Topics are discussed in a manner that follows the logical order of the stages of development that entrepreneurs go through in the process of building a start-up and successfully transitioning it into a growing business. Liberal arts. (Fall). Prerequisites: ECO110 and ACC201.

FIN355 - Principles of Finance (3 cr.)

An introduction to financial concepts and methods used in contemporary corporate financial decision making. Students learn about the various types of business organizations and financial institutions and their role in the economy. Time value of money concepts are used to value stocks and bonds and to evaluate business proposals. The risk-return relation, the cost of capital, capital budgeting techniques, cash flow estimation, and capital structure are explored. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: ACC202, either ECO101 or both ECO110 and ECO111; ECO260.

FIN385 - Corporate Financial Management (3 cr.)

The role of the financial manager in the modern corporation is examined with an emphasis on the use of financial statements in the context of financial analysis, forecasting, and financial planning. In addition, the topics of securities issuance and design, dividend policy, working capital management, risk management, and corporate control are examined. The special concerns facing multinational corporations are also explored. (Fall). Prerequisite: FIN355.

FIN390 - Money and Banking (3 cr.)

Evolution of monetary institutions, including the Federal Reserve system, the commercial banking structure and financial intermediaries. Theoretical analysis involving creation of money and its effects on prices, interest rates, and incomes. Additional analysis directed toward international finance. (Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: ECO101 or ECO111.

FIN396 - Money and Capital Markets (3 cr.)

Analysis of financial intermediaries, financial instruments and risk and rate of return. Discussion of stocks, bonds, investment banking, federal funds, commercial paper, treasury securities, repurchase agreements, futures and options, international banking and capital expenditures. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: ECO101 or ECO110; ECO111 and FIN355, or POI.

FIN399 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. (Fall - Spring).

FIN400 - International Financial Management (3 cr.)

The key issues in international finance are examined. Students will study foreign exchange markets and exchange rates, banking and money markets, debt and equity markets, and portfolio management from an international perspective. Financial management issues including the capital structure decision, cost of capital, capital budgeting, trade finance, foreign direct investment, and cross-border acquisitions are examined from the perspective of a global corporation. (Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: ECO110, ECO111, FIN355.

FIN401 - Alternative Investments (3 cr.)

The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of the alternative investments industry. The course covers hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, commodity trading advisors, venture capital, private equity and leveraged buyouts and how they play a role in traditional investment portfolios for downside equity risk management. (Spring). Prerequisite: FIN355.

FIN420 - Portfolio Management Theory (3 cr.)

Asset allocation and investment selection as well as the basics of security markets are studied with an emphasis on the implications of efficient market theory. The uses and limitations of asset pricing models are examined. Techniques employed in the management of investment portfolios and the measurement of portfolio performance are explored. (Spring). Prerequisite: FIN355.

FIN480 - Stock Market Investment and Analysis (3 cr.)

Analysis of private and public securities and other financial investments. Functions of markets, sources of information, portfolio theory, risk analysis and security price formations. (Spring). Prerequisite: FIN355 or POI.

FIN486 - Financial Derivatives (3 cr.)

A study of options, futures, and other financial derivative contracts. The course includes the markets, valuation, and specification of these derivative contracts and their use in corporate financial risk management. (Fall). Prerequisites: FIN355, ECO260.

FIN490 - Senior Seminar in Economics and Finance (3 cr.)

Research seminar in finance. In consultation with the teacher, students conduct independent or group research in finance culminating in an original academic paper. Liberal arts. (Spring). Prerequisite: senior standing or POI.

FIN499 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. (Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer).

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