MKE Courses

MKE290 - Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)

Basic problems in marketing management and the marketing mix elements of product, price and promotion and distribution are presented in the context of a dynamic global environment. The impact of the legal, political, social, ethical, technological, economic, and competitive factors upon marketing activities are discussed. Includes Marketing Plan project. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisites: ENG101; ECO101 or ECO110 or ECO111.

MKE321 - Principles of Advertising (3 cr.)

Advertising from the advertiser's perspective. Explores advertising strategy, media strategy, creative ad development, advertising research and budgeting. Includes advertising campaign project. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE322 - Sales Force Management (3 cr.)

Application of management theories to the sales force, with particular emphasis on sales force organization, selection, recruitment, training, motivation, compensation, supervision and performance evaluation. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE323 - Retail Store Management (3 cr.)

Introduction to technical and theoretical practices of retail management for both physical "bricks and mortar" stores and Internet retail operations. Overview of organizational structure, merchandising practices and procedures, promotional activities, store planning and control. (Fall). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE324 - Public Relations in the Promotion Mix (3 cr.)

Students will learn about Integrated Marketing Communications and how public relations fits into the Promotion Mix, about dealing with the various publics of an organization, and about the legal and ethical dimensions of PR. Students will also learn the basics of print, broadcast, Internet, and social media public relations and they will gain hands-on experience in preparing a PR campaign for a "client." (Every 3rd semester). Prerequisites: ENG101 and MKE290.

MKE325 - Marketing Channels Strategy (3 cr.)

Operation of channels of distribution from the manufacturer's point of view. Physical distribution system and business logistics process. Transportation, storage, order processing, location analysis and operation of functional middlemen. (Spring). Prerequisites: MKE290.

MKE326 - International Marketing (3 cr.)

Environmental factors and adaptation of marketing strategy components marketers should consider in entering foreign markets. Includes hands-on project. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE328 - Services Marketing (3 cr.)

This course introduces students to principles, concepts, theories, analytical procedures, techniques, and models addressing the distinctions between the marketing of goods and the marketing of services. Three different perspectives of services marketing are addressed: consumers' expectations and perceptions; businesses' service delivery operations, channels of distribution, and marketing; and the integration of the consumer and business perspectives with special emphasis on relationship marketing. Strategies and tactics designed to increase marketing effectiveness and operational efficiency within this important sector of the economy are also addressed. (Spring).

MKE335 - Marketing Research (3 cr.)

The various elements of the marketing research process are examined, including problem definition, the determination of information required to address the issue, research designs, measurement instruments, data collection methods, data analysis and the research report. Includes hands-on research project. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisites: ECO260, MKE290.

MKE380 - Creativity Process in Marketing (3 cr.)

This course focuses on the major theories and models of creativity, traits of creative people, and exercises to help students realize their creative potential by applying creativity techniques to general and marketing problems. A hands-on team creativity project and class presentations are included. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE385 - New Product Development (3 cr.)

This course introduces the principles of the new product development process in the context of a firm's overall marketing strategy. The new product development process includes the identification of opportunities, idea generation, concept evaluation, design, testing, and launching of new products. (Every Fourth Semester, Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE399 - Independent Study (1 to 12 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. (Fall & Spring).

MKE401 - Interactive Marketing and E-Commerce (3 cr.)

This course focuses on E-commerce and interactive marketing methods of advertising, selling, distribution, and customer relationship management. All interactive media, with particular emphasis on the Internet, Worldwide Web, and other electronic technological advancements, will be introduced. Students will learn how interactive marketing differs from traditional marketing and how interactive marketing and E-commerce fits into an organization's marketing promotional mix and marketing strategy in both business-to-customer or business-to-business contexts. The course makes use of lectures, readings, guest speakers, and a student project. (Every 3rd semester, Fall) Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE402 - Procurement (3 cr.)

This course covers the steps in the procurement process, from cost benefit analysis and goal formulation, to sourcing options, developing evaluation criteria, metrics, supplier selection, negotiation, and supply laws and ethics. The course also discusses global supply, public supply, capital goods, services, supplier relations, and strategy in purchasing/supply management. (Every 3rd semester, Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE410 - Franchising in the US and Canada (3 cr.)

Students learn about the evolution of franchising, different types of franchising, franchisor and franchisee obligations, government regulations and legal issues related to the franchise agreement, and are exposed to a comparative view of franchising in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world. (Spring). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE421 - Consumer Behavior (3 cr.)

Determinants of human behavior that impinge on the individual's role as a consumer. Course covers models of consumer behavior, the decision making process, and the various social and psychological factors influencing these processes. (Fall). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE422 - Business to Business Marketing (3 cr.)

Concepts of marketing strategy applied to business-to-business marketing situations in the context of a dynamic global environment. Topics include marketing planning, market segmentation, buyer behavior and the marketing mix elements. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisites: MKE290.

MKE442 - Selected Marketing Topics (3 cr.)

Seminar course offered occasionally covering advanced marketing topics of particular temporal interest. (Occasionally). Prerequisite: MKE290.

MKE480 - Marketing Strategy (3 cr.)

Proper selection of market targets and development of most profitable marketing program. Developed within the program are specific pricing, distribution, product and promotional programs. (Fall/Spring). Prerequisites: MKE290, MKE335.

MKE499 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean.

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