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Overview of SUNY Plattsburgh Administrative Policies

The following guidelines were developed by an Advisory Group on Policies and Procedures. The members of this group discussed the responsibilities and differences between departmental and college policies and the procedures that should be followed with respect to policy development and maintenance:

  1. Departmental policies should be reviewed by department chairs, unit directors and deans or appropriate vice presidents to ensure that the proposed policy is not in conflict with the currently approved college policies or degree completion requirements.
  2. Policies should be reviewed and updated for accuracy when necessary, but at least every five years by the appropriate governance and/or administrative body.
  3. All academic policies must be referenced in the College Catalog. 
  4. Non-academic college-wide policies must be referenced in the Campus Handbook:  Policies and Procedures.  
  5. The Campus Handbook: Policies and Procedures will contain an Index listing the location of all policies-academic and non-academic.
  6. All approved policies should be sent to the Management Services Office located in the Kehoe Administrative Building, Room 710-11 for inclusion on the campus website. 
  7. Management Services should be the central depository for all campus policies.  

Questions concerning Administrative Policies should be directed to the Assistant to the V.P. for Administration at: or by telephone at (518) 564-2539.

The Campus Handbook can be found at:

Updated as of 9-15-2016 

Contact Information

For more information about Administrative Policies approved by Executive Council, please contact:

Sean Brian Dermody
Assistant to the Vice President for Administration
Management Services Office
Office: Kehoe 710-11
Phone: (518) 564-2539
Fax: (518) 564-2540