Payment of Moving Expenses for New Employees 

Approved by Executive Council on October 11, 2005

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4028.1 Human Resource Services & Purchasing

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Statement of Policy


Reimbursement of moving expenses is not an entitlement.  It is a procedure established to assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates, and it is not expected that all new appointees will receive reimbursement for moving expenses. Payment of relocation expenses is possible for professional and administrative staff appointed on a full time basis for a period of at least one year and relocating more than thirty-five (35) miles from their previous residence. Part time employees are not eligible.

The college is authorized to provide “up to" $3,000 from State funds for reimbursement of relocation expenses.  Claims for such payment must be made within one year of the effective date of appointment.  Original or NCR copies of all bills of lading/receipts showing payment in full are required.  Photocopies are not accepted.

The Department of Audit and Control limits reimbursement to certain actual and necessary moving and travel expenses. Generally, those expenses are limited to the cost of a commercial carrier, rental of a moving truck and mileage on a personal vehicle.  Personal expenses, (i.e. meals and lodging) while in travel status are not reimbursed.


The Vice President, Dean or authorized Department Head (depending on area) will mail a letter to the faculty/staff person to whom moving expense reimbursement is offered.  In that letter, the maximum amount of money payable to the individual will be indicated.  After the new employee has signed the offer letter, the Vice President, Dean or department head will forward the new employee a packet of information, which explains how they must proceed to claim reimbursement.  

Contact the Purchasing office at 564-4601 -or- Human Resources office at 564-5062 for information pertaining to the Letter (template) and Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement form (form AC 1099-S)

Next, the faculty/staff person must follow procedures outlined in the packet, complete necessary form(s), sign them, attach original receipts and return the paperwork to the Dean's office (in the case of faculty) or the respective Vice President's office for their review and signature.  After the appropriate signature, the paperwork is forwarded to the Purchasing Office on Kehoe seventh floor for processing.


Sample Offer Letter for Relocation Reimbursement  (PDF file 173 KB)
Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement form (form AC 1099-S) (PDF file 42 KB)

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