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Textbook Information Process HEOA - Proposal

Approved by Executive Council 9/1/09


  • Students will be able to obtain information about textbooks, prices, editions, ISBN, costs through website.
  • Listing of each textbook will be linked to each course on the Master Schedule and when students register for courses in BannerWeb for Main Campus and Branch Campus classes.
  • Students will be able to complete transactions for books to be paid for through Cardinal Cash, Credit Card, Check and will be able to pick them up at the College Store or delivered (delivery to Branch Campus office for students to be considered).
  • Faculty will be required to submit booklist for their courses for each semester 45 days prior to the registration period for that semester – approximately with request for course schedules are due. (College Store staff need time to lookup, correct ISBN, re-check with faculty/deans for books.)
          Examples:                Student Registration                      Faculty List Due
          Spring 2010                  Oct. 26, ’09                               Sept. 12, ’09
          Fall 2010                      April 4, ’10                                  Feb. 17, ’10
  • The Textbook Information Committee suggests that this process be implemented for Spring 2010 semester (even though law does not go into effect until July 1, 2010) to work out process and get faculty aligned with it.

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