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Student Photos as Directory Information Policy

Approved by Executive Council on May 8, 2007
Reapproved by Executive Council April 28, 2015

For questions pertaining to this Administrative Policy, contact the Office of the Registrar at:  (518) 564-2100

Revision History:

Date Version Change Ref Section
5/8/2007 1.0 New Document  
4/28/2015 2.0 Major Revisions  
10/8/2015 2.1 Minor Revisions  

Statement of Policy

  • Electronic versions of student photographs (which are taken by College Auxiliary Services when a student obtains a SUNY Plattsburgh identification card) will be included with a student's electronic record in Banner. 
  • CAS will provide SUNY Plattsburgh electronic versions of student photographs when a student obtains a SUNY Plattsburgh identification card.  
  • Ownership and responsibility for the release of student photos will transfer from CAS to SUNY Plattsburgh.  
  • Administrative offices will be able to use the photographs as an additional safeguard in verifying a student's identity. 
  • Faculty members will have access to student photos for class rosters, testing and academic advising.  
  • Student photographs will be used with the new residence hall card access/camera system beginning in Fall 2007. (University Police will require the use of these photographs in managing access and verifying the identity of students. This system will utilize student identification cards in place of keys or numeric access codes.) 
  • While faculty and staff will have access to student photographs in Banner and BannerWeb, students will not have access to their own or any other student's photographs in BannerWeb.

Contact Information

For more information about Administrative Policies approved by Executive Council, please contact:

Sean Brian Dermody
Assistant to the Vice President for Administration
Management Services Office
Office: Kehoe 710-11
Phone: (518) 564-2539
Fax: (518) 564-2540