Plattsburgh State HIPAA

SUNY Plattsburgh HIPAA Compliance

SUNY Plattsburgh has designated itself to be a hybrid entity, i.e., a single legal entity that is a covered entity and whose covered functions are not its primary functions.

An impact analysis conducted for SUNY Plattsburgh included the assessment of all campus functions. Four areas were found to be covered functions under HIPAA.

  • Center for Neurobehavioral Health
  • Speech and Hearing Center

Current computer systems, policies, procedures and processes were assessed for each of the four areas.

SUNY Plattsburgh has chosen to bring the following areas into compliance with the HIPAA standards by December 31, 2003:

  • Center for Student Health and Psychological Services
  • Counseling Services Center
  • Athletic Training Facilities

The working teams listed in the following structure have been charged with:

  • Documenting policies and procedures
  • Conducting a data flow analysis
  • Training and educating Plattsburgh State students, faculty and staff members
  • Updating academic curriculums
  • Amending affiliation agreements/establishing Business Associate contracts
  • Addressing physical and electronic security issues
  • Assessing billing practices and procedures

Contact Information

If you have any questions about HIPAA or our privacy practices, please contact:

Management Services Office
Office: Kehoe 710-11
Phone: (518) 564-2538
Fax: (518) 564-2540