SUNY Plattsburgh’s Self-Study Design

Nature and Scope of Self-Study

The most recent strategic planning process at SUNY Plattsburgh began in 2007 -08. A number of key assessment and planning initiatives were identified and facilitated by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee in consultation with the College Planning Council, Faculty Senate, Resources and Planning Committee, the Student Association, and faculty and staff at college-wide meetings and the campus community.

Specific strategic plan themes were defined and committees established to:

  • Develop action plans to facilitate specific objectives to accomplish major goals;
  • Identify the individual(s) and committee(s) responsible for addressing the action plans; and
  • Determine the time frame over a three year period (2009-2012) for completion of each action plan.

This planning cycle ends in 2012. The final draft of the Strategic Plan Report (2009-2012) was presented to the President’s Cabinet, Dean’s Cabinet, College Planning Council, Faculty Senate Resources and Planning Committee, and Faculty Senate for approval of broad goals of the strategic plan and revised mission/vision statements.

Because our strategic themes are institutional priorities as well as essentially connected to the mission of the college, SUNY Plattsburgh has chosen a “Comprehensive Self-Study with Special Emphasis” model for the Middle States reaccreditation process. The special emphasis is our Strategic Plan; including themes, goals, objectives, and action plans identified and discussed by the college community during the last two to three years.

In addition to demonstrating our compliance with the Middle States Standards of Excellence, we regard our self-study model as a way of re-focusing the college’s attention on the implementation of our strategic initiatives—especially for review and assessment of the feasibility of these initiatives in an unstable and unpredictable economic climate. Our strategic themes about planning and resource allocation assume particular importance for this institution in the context of New York State budget cuts to the SUNY system.

There is an urgent need to work out precisely how SUNY Plattsburgh will meet our necessary commitments to academic excellence and how to secure our reputation as an exceptional teaching and learning environment for faculty, staff, and students, even in the face of a constrained budget, which has impacted our fiscal and human resources.

By using the current Strategic Plan to thematically organize our Middle States Self-Study, we hope to encourage more participation in planning and assessment processes across a broader campus constituency. We need the expertise of all members of the college, not only to articulate our needs and priorities in the immediate budget crisis, but also to create a common vision for shaping the institution as we begin the future planning cycle in 2012.


Contact Information

For more information about SUNY Plattsburgh's Middle States reaccreditation process, please contact:

James Liszka
Provost/VP for Academic Affairs
Office: Kehoe 802
Phone: (518) 564-5402