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Placement Exams and Proficiency at SUNY Plattsburgh

All students, without transfer credit, will take designated English and math courses to satisfy their general education (GE) requirements. A placement exam or demonstrated competency is required for enrollment in these courses. As well, students in certain majors requiring calculus and/or chemistry or those continuing in a foreign language must take additional placement exams or demonstrate proficiency in other ways.  Read on for details.

REQUIRED Placement Exams or Proficiency/Competency

English Placement Exam

  • All new students (without transfer credit for ENG 101) must take the English Placement Exam. The results determine placement into ENG 100 College Writing I or ENG 101 College Writing II (required to graduate).
  • Students placed in ENG 100 must earn, at least, a C (2.0) grade in order to take ENG 101.
  • Students must take ENG 101 College Writing II and earn, at least, a grade of C (2.0) to graduate.
  • This paper-based exam is offered during summer orientation or opening weekend (before classes begin). The English Department will also accommodate special requests to take the exam at another time, visit CVH 103, or call (518) 564-2134 for details.

Math Placement Exam or Competency (To Enroll in a 100-level GE Math Course)

  • All students must complete a mathematics GE course to graduate.
  • Before registering for a 100-level GE math course, students must demonstrate competency in arithmetic and basic algebra by having a math SAT score of > 460, a math ACT score of > 16, previous math transfer credit, or by taking the math placement exam.
  • This paper-based exam is offered during opening weekend before classes begin and during final exam week at the end of the semester. For additional information, contact the Mathematics Department, Hawkins Hall 244B, (518) 564-4137.

Calculus-Readiness Placement Exam (Required only if taking Calculus)

  • Students taking Calculus (without transfer credit for MAT 102 Pre-calculus) must take this exam to enroll in any of the first-level calculus courses, i.e., MAT 221, 224, or 228.
  • Exam results will determine if the student must first take MAT 102 or is ready to take calculus.
  • To take this placement exam on-line, go to: login is required.
  • The paper-based version of this placement exam is offered Opening Weekend, Final Exam Week, and during the two-week Academic Advisement period; specific dates, times, and locations will be announced via the SUNY Plattsburgh Digest on campus email.
  • This placement exam may only be taken once.  Students who do not pass must take MAT102 before taking a first-semester calculus class.
  • MAT224 and MAT228 have an additional co-requisite of Trigonometry (MAT104) which is NOT covered by this Calculus Readiness Exam.

Chemistry Placement Exam (Required only if taking CHE 111)

  • Students required to take CHE 111 Fundamental Principles of Chemistry I, must take this exam to determine readiness to take the one semester course.  Majors requiring CHE 111 or its equivalent CHE 106-CHE 107 are: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cytotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Geology Study Option, Environmental Science (BS ), Geology (BS), Medical Technology, Nutrition, and Physics.
  • Exam results will determine if the student must take CHE 106 and CHE 107 (a two-semester approach to CHE 111) or is ready to take CHE 111 in a one semester format.
  • To take this on-line exam, go to login is required.

Optional Examinations for Enrollment, Placement or Proficiency

Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

  • Students wishing advanced placement in a language course must sit for this exam.
  • If students opt not to take the placement exam, they will be admitted to an entry-level course.
  • Proficiency exams may place a student out of a requirement although (no zero) credit is given for proficiency examination performance.
  • This paper-based exam is given during orientation and at other times of the year. Contact the Modern Language and Culture Department in CVH 312 for details.

LIB Proficiency Exam

  • By passing the LIB Proficiency Exam, you meet the Information and Technology Literacy General Education requirement, but do not receive a credit hour.
  • You may only take the exam once. If you have received a grade for LIB105 or LIB200, including a "W" you are not eligible to take the exam. If you are currently enrolled and attending a LIB200 course you are not eligible to take the exam.
  • The exam is offered the Sunday before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters and during the advising period.
  • Full information on the exam is available at:



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