CDPI Student Profiles

Meet some of the students that have helped to make the Center for Diversity a special place.

Joselyn "Bom Bo" Rivera

Photo of Joselyn Rivera, CDPI student at Plattsburgh State "Hey! My name is Joselyn and I graduated from a high school in the Bronx, but originally was born in the Dominican Republic.

Joining T.E.A.M. has been a really good move for me as a first-year student because I have met many new people, and my mentor and I have a good relationship.

Since I have never experienced something like this before, I did not want to take part in joining T.E.A.M. One day a close friend who is also part of T.E.A.M. told me about a free bowling trip, and with me loving free stuff I decided to go! My friend told me that it may not be a problem the fact that I was not a member of T.E.A.M., and might be able to go anyway.

Once at the bowling trip little did I know what was going to happen. J.W. Wiley, the program director, noticed that he had never seen me before. My friend and I told him that I was 'interested in joining, and that I wanted to meet new people' To my surprise J.W. said, " there's a mentor in the group who is in need of a mentee, and since you wanted to join I think that you should meet her."

That is how everything started and since then my mentor and I have had a really good relationship. We have become really good friends. We can't see each other really often because we are both very busy, but we still keep in touch through e-mails.

I really enjoy being part of T.E.A.M., because the activities that we take part in are fun, interesting, and at the same time educational. The wrap sessions, lunches, bowling trip, and the trip to Montreal, Canada are just a few of the many interesting activities we take part of.

If you are asking yourself why did I write, 'shake your bom-bo'? then you should have gone to Montreal to find out!"

Latoya Lunan

Photo of Latoya Lunan "My name is Latoya Lunan. I am a first-year student majoring in Journalism here at Plattsburgh State. I like reading, writing, and listening to music. I also like talking with my friends.

I joined T.E.A.M. because I wanted to be a part of an organization that makes an effort to bring people together regardless of race, religion, sex, etc.

In T.E.A.M., we discuss a lot of issues that are considered to be taboos here on campus. We address racial issues, how experience or society makes us respond, and how we treat each other.

I love my mentor. We talk about things that relate to our lives, experiences that we have been through, and how we have learned from them. She is also interested in my schoolwork and how I' ve been doing. We have lunch together and talk about our week. My mentor treated me to dinner for my birthday. She even sent me a birthday card.

My favorite event would be the trip to Montreal, the Haunted Mansion. That event is one I will never forget. Also, the WRAP sessions are REALLY interesting."

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