Group Exercise Classes at SUNY Plattsburgh Fitness Center

Descriptions for Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Total Body Blast: This class emphasizes muscular endurance training that will provide you with an intense total body workout. Upper and lower body muscles are worked individually and simultaneously to improve muscle tone and definition.

Zumba: (Maximum of 40 Participants) "Ditch the workout — Join the PARTY!!!" Working out has never been so much FUN! Zumba Latin Dance-Fitness fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.

Fit for H.I.I.T: (Maximum of 25 Participants)
This high intensity interval training class is designed to sculpt and tone your body while incorporating bursts of cardio segments.  This body transforming class is perfect for improving your metabolism and physical fitness.  Components of the class may take place outdoors, so please arrive prepared. Are you fit for HIIT?!

Spinning: (40 Bike Max) A 40-50 minute class where the cycling journey is all terrain (flats, hills, acceleration, jumps, runs) to target a wide range of performance zones (65-95% max heart rates). Students will work aerobically and anaerobically.

Vinyasa Yoga: Not a tradition of yoga, but an element of all yoga traditions, that has been taken by Western practitioners of yoga and developed into a new and unique style of yoga.  Vinyasa is the synchronization of breath with movement.  In Vinyasa classes postures are linked together in a continuous and challenging flow.

Hardbody: (Max 20 Participants) This intensive one-hour weight training class focuses on the entire body. Every major muscle group is targeted for toning.

Combines yoga and pilates inspired moves performed at a faster pace.  PiYo packs cardio, strength, and flexibility into one workout.

(Maximum of 25 Participants) Each class teaches you more basic or advanced kickboxing moves. You will use wrist wraps and gloves along with punching bags and mitts for a fun yet challenging workout.

Tabata Bootcamp: Involves intervals of high intensity moves and weight training.

Cross Cycle: (Maximum of 24 Participants) Interval training combining Spinning and Body Sculpting. You are on and off the bike throughout the class. Hand held weights are used for upper body strength training so you get a total body workout.

Dance FIT/Hip Hop: This workout is designed for total body conditioning.  You'll use dance to strengthen and sculpt your body while having an abundance of fun.

Circuit: Circuit training is an excellent boredom buster! This high intensity interval training class is designed to sculpt and tone your body while using a variety of stations.  Your mind won't have time to wander while you are performing burpees, jump rope, squats, planks or conditioning on the stability ball.

Sports Conditioning: A cardio workout to help keep you on your game. Ladders, battle ropes and medicine balls are just a few of our training tools.

Pilates Core/Meditation: Core conditioning focusing primarily on the back and abdominals.  Stress relief and relaxation methods are used.

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