Using Your Campus E-mail Account

Logging In

You need your NetID and Password to access your campus webmail. NOTE: Be sure to choose the right email server (Student or Faculty/Staff).

If you are used to the former campus e-mail system, you'll notice that the current system has a different selection menu. Also, you can now access your My Files account (Personal Network Storage) without having to login to your e-mail account.


After Login, you'll see your Inbox window:


Your Quota

The menu on the left side contains a Quota Usage meter, which tells you how much space you have in your e-mail account. Your quota meter updates automatically every five minutes.


Check Your Mail

Below that, you'll see the list of your mail folders, including a Check mail link.


HINT: Adding message size to your main view lets you know how much space each message is taking up. To turn on this feature, go to options - index order, click add next to size, then click back. The size for each message will now be displayed.

Using the Toolbar

The right side of the page contains a toolbar. The upper half of the toolbar contains actions to perform with your mail account; the lower half of the toolbar contains message-viewing options.

  • Toggle All is the same thing as the former "Select All" option.
  • Show All allows you to view all of your messages on one page. NOTE: if you click "Show All," when the page refreshes, the page-selection tools will be replaced with "Paginate," which when clicked, will return your messages to your regular page-view.


Composing a Message

Click Compose on the toolbar. Note that the button toolbar below the initial information fields (To:, Cc:, etc.) is different than in the old e-mail system.

HINT: When composing an e-mail message that you want to spell check, toggle the compose in html button, then use the ABC button inside the editor to spell check.


Your Electronic Signature

The Signature button will append your personal signature (specified by you in the "Options" section of Webmail) to the end of your message.


The Addresses Button

The Addresses button will take you to your Address Book and allow you to select addresses send to, without having to type them. Simply check the appropriate box next to the addresses you want to send to, and then click "Use Addresses."


HINT: When using the online Campus Directory in webmail...

  1. click compose,
  2. then click the addresses button,
  3. then select SUNY Plattsburgh Online Directory in the drop down box,
  4. then enter the first few letters of person's last name you are seeking.

Composing in HTML

The Compose in HTML button will change the actual text window that you type in, allowing you to specify different fonts, typefaces, and embed images. The rest of the message composition functions (e.g., "file attachments") work exactly the same as in the old system.


Using Your Address Book

The address book feature is simpler to use than in the old e-mail system. Click on the "Addresses" link at the top of your Webmail window. This page actually serves two functions: first, to show you the contents of your personal address book, and second, to provide you with a form to add someone to your address book. Simply enter the person's information into the appropriate fields. Then click "Add address."


NOTE: In the previous version of Webmail, it was possible to have Groups or "Lists" in your address book. It is currently not possible to create groups/lists within your address book. 

Contact Information

For more information about technology at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Phone: (518) 564-4433 / toll-free 1-800-787-8773