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2010-11 Economic Impact of SUNY Plattsburgh

$203 Million Added to the Local Region

Since its founding in 1889 as a teaching college, SUNY Plattsburgh has had a strong history of meeting regional and statewide needs for higher education. It is also a major driver of the economic and cultural well-being of the community.

Every two to three years, SUNY Plattsburgh initiates a study to determine the overall economic and community impact the college’s operations have on the tri-county area of Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties.

Significant Employer

In the latest study, SUNY Plattsburgh continues to be a significant employer in the region along with being a larger purchaser of local goods and services. In fiscal year 2010-2011, the estimated total economic impact of SUNY Plattsburgh on the area’s economy was more than $203 million.

Cover of 2010-2011 Economic Impact Study

The jobs created by SUNY Plattsburgh provide an increased workforce and population that expand the tax base, purchase homes and spend substantially on local goods and services in the tri-county area of Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties.  The thousands of students who move to the Plattsburgh area for most of the year also spend considerably in the local and regional economy.  All of these expenditures stimulate the region’s economy leading to additional spending and the creation of even more jobs.

The 2010-11 study estimates that 2,286 jobs were created or sustained in the area as the result of SUNY Plattsburgh operations including the direct employment of 1,729 individuals that service or benefit directly from the mission of the college.

Student Impact Creates $47 Million Shot to the Arm

SUNY Plattsburgh is a thriving campus with more than 6,400 undergraduate and graduate students (fall 2010) attending classes on campus and on line. The public institution had to turn away more than half of the prospective students applying for admission that year. In 2010-11, the students contributed more than $47 million in direct expenditures to the region’s overall economy through spending, including housing (off-campus), food, transportation and other personal expenses. The thousands of students who boost the area’s population spend a considerable amount of money within the community on retail goods and services, entertainment and dining. These students also provide a sizeable, part-time labor

Visitor Spending Generates Additional Economic Activity

Through its unique and extensive facilities, SUNY Plattsburgh attracts a large number of visitors to conferences and events. The conferences held at the Valcour Educational Conference Center on Lake Champlain and the Twin Valleys Outdoors Educational Center, the Town of Lewis (Essex County) attract mainly out-of-town visitors while the vast majority of attendees to non sporting events at the Field House are from the local area. Visitors to SUNY Plattsburgh each year generate an estimated $6.44 million in additional economic activity and 74/7 additional jobs in various sectors.

In early 2012, Colin Read, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Economics and Finance, conducted the analysis using IMPLAN economic modeling software. The attached study determined that SUNY Plattsburgh has a continued and valuable impact on the economic and cultural well being of this region in Upstate New York.

  Download 2010-11 Economic Impact Report

Note: This document requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.


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