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Jennifer Sturr '90: Progressive Classes Led to a Career in Writing

Jennifer Sturr graduated from our English Program in 1990 with a BA in English Literature .

"I am the Manager of Technical Communications at Gambro BCT, Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado (west of Denver). We manufacture blood separation devices for blood centers and hospitals. My department is responsible for writing the operator's manuals, training materials, and regulatory compliance documents for our equipment.

When I attended SUNY Plattsburgh in the mid to late 80's, the computer graphics design and desktop publishing industry was in its infancy. The English department at the time offered a desktop publishing class on a weird little computer called an Apple. The class taught the basics of page layout and design, as well as how to use this foreign piece of equipment. This experience alone helped me to secure my first job in a printing and publishing company in Syracuse, NY. The rest, they say, is history."

Excellent Curriculum and Lasting Friendships

"The curriculum was excellent. There was a wide range of choices of literature classes, as well as other more career-oriented classes . The classes were also quite progressive, and gave the students the current knowledge that was immediately applicable in the work place.

I keep in contact with two very close friends, Bob and Maryellen Dodds (Lopez). Bob and I were on the same floor at Hood Hall , and Maryellen lived down one floor. We've kept in touch through the years and the many miles that separate us, but our best and fondest memories are of our times at Plattsburgh."

Jennifer's Advice for Prospective Students

"Don't let anyone deter you from receiving a degree in English. It is a well-rounded education that allows you to develop skills such as reading comprehension, communication, and problem analysis that serve you well in a corporate environment. I am now in the position of hiring writers and communicators, and I find the candidates who have an English background are more likely to succeed as technical writers and project managers."

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