SUNY Plattsburgh Faculty Profiles

Faculty Grants Foster Student Research Opportunities

Photo of Jerry Lottie Two SUNY Plattsburgh environmental science faculty members received grant money this semester that will fund research related to pollution and conditions in Lake Champlain. Read more.

Adjunct Lecturers Cited for Excellence in Teaching

Photo of Richard AberleAdjunct lecturers Richard Aberle and Laura Holzer receive the state Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. Read more.

Jerry Lottie Named Chief of University Police

Photo of Jerry Lottie After almost 30 years with the New York State University Police, Jerry Lottie has been named chief of SUNY Plattsburgh University Police. Read more.

Film Festival Shines Light on Who We Are in the North Country

Film posterA sense of place is at the heart of a new film short by Julia and Michael Devine, adjunct lecturer and assistant professor, respectively, at SUNY Plattsburgh. Read more.

2015 Chancellor's Awards for Excellence

Photo of Dr. Monica Ciobanu. The State University of New York has recognized eight members of SUNY Plattsburgh’s faculty and staff with the 2015 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. Read more.

Cheryl Cole Reaches Coaching Milestone

Photo of Cheryl Cole When the buzzer sounded in Memorial Hall on February 20, SUNY Plattsburgh women’s basketball coach Cheryl Cole treated it like any other win. She didn’t realize the 67-52 triumph over The College at Brockport was her 200th win as the Cardinals’ head coach until someone told her later. Read more.

Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Curle Sets New Program Record

Photo of Coach Curle The State University of New York has recognized eight members of SUNY Plattsburgh’s faculty and staff with the 2015 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. Read more.

Gaber Named Outstanding Faculty Adviser

Photo of Mohammed Gaber SUNY Plattsburgh’s 2014-2015 Outstanding Academic Adviser Award went to Dr. Mohamed Gaber, professor of accounting, for his “expertise and devotion to the educational and professional preparation of SUNY Plattsburgh students.” Read more.

Physics Prof, Students Make Instant Slushies

Photo of Ken Podolak making slushies For SUNY Plattsburgh Assistant Physics Professor Ken Podolak, frigid temperatures are but an opportunity to create tasty treats. Read more.

SUNY Plattsburgh Adjunct Faculty Awarded for Excellence

Photo of award winners SUNY Plattsburgh honored adjunct lecturers Dr. Andrew Black, Dr. Marco Turco and Nora Montanaro with the college’s Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers this fall. Read more.

Book by Assistant Prof Makes Oprah's List

Photo of Elizabeth Cohen When her book made Oprah’s Fall Reading “Book of the Week” list, Elizabeth Cohen was inundated with messages of congratulations. Read more.

Well-published Profs: Giving the Plattsburgh Degree More Currency

Photo of Dr. Colin Read When it comes to publishing, economics and finance faculty members are doing plenty. They have published more than 36 books in the past five years and — in the past three years alone— 40 papers and conference proceedings. Read more.

Webisode, Professor Show ‘Coolness’ of Smelly Plant

Photo of Dr. Rachel Schultz SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dr. Rachel Schultz has joined forces with a former faculty member in a video about a wetlands plant with a distinct odor: skunk cabbage. Read more.

Professor on Surviving the Boston Bombing

Photo of Dr. Nancy Elwess The full article originally appeared in SUNY Plattsburgh’s student-run newspaper, Cardinal Points, under the headline,‘“OH MY GOD. This is not good': Plattsburgh State Professor Gives Eyewitness Account of Crossing the Finish Line Amid the Madness.’” Read more.

Dr. Richard Schnell’s Stories from Bhutan: Changing for Happiness

Photo of Dr. Richard Schnel in Bhutan Dr. Richard Schnell believes in utopias. He always has, and he thinks he may have found one — at least temporarily. “Often, they don’t last,” Schnell said. “But a government that measures its worth in gross national happiness rather than gross national product will capture my mind and my heart every time.” Read more.

Life on the Edge: Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Subarctic Archaic Period

Photo of Dr. Christopher Wolff The Maritime Archaic people who lived roughly 3,200 to 8,000 years ago in the Canadian Eastern Subarctic were living on the edge: the edge of inhabitable landscapes as the glaciers retreated; the borders of the earth as it disappeared into the cold North Atlantic waters; and the outer limits of human population on the North American continent. Read more.

Turn up the Volumes: History Faculty Go on a Book Binge

Photo of books From sea exploration and housework to immigration and revolt, SUNY Plattsburgh’s history department is publishing prolifically. Read more.

Dr. Kathy Lavoie Goes Underground In Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave

Photo of Dr. Kathy Lavoie After taking one look at her office, a visitor can be sure of one thing: Dr. Kathy Lavoie likes bats. After all, her shelves teem with stuffed animal versions of the mammal. Read more.

Holocaust Gallery Named After Doug, Evelyne Skopp

Photo of of Dough and Evelyne Skopp A new permanent gallery in Feinberg Library will ensure that the Holocaust will never be forgotten at SUNY Plattsburgh. Read more.

Visiting Old Haunts: Mortimer of Macdonough and Other Stories

Photo of Macdonough In Macdonough Hall alone, there are the toilets that flush in the night when no one’s around; the radios that turn themselves on; the eyes staring out of dark storage rooms; doors that unlock themselves; and the bathroom lights that flicker on and off. Read more.

Smart Phones Used to Document Road Kill Sightings

Photo of Dr. Danielle Garneau A faculty member in the Center for Earth and Environmental Science never met road kill she didn’t like. Or at least want to acknowledge. Read more.

New Dean of Branch Campus is Educational Agent for Change

Photo of Dr. Stephen Danna The Long Island native didn’t start out as an educator. In fact, his interest in biology and marine life led him to a degree in oceanography and a stint with the government as an oceanographer. It wasn’t until he was invited to be a guest speaker at a small middle school in Bay St. Louis, Miss., that he unearthed a desire to teach. Read more.

Finishing Holocaust Novel a Triumph Over Adversity

Photo of Dr. Doug Skopp The satisfaction a novelist feels when typing those two words — The End — is hard to quantify. For Doug Skopp, it was nothing short of a miracle. Read more.

Hungry for ‘The Hunger Games’?

Photo of Dr. Thomas Morrisey SUNY Plattsburgh Professor Dr. Tom Morrisey Explores Young Adult Dystopian Fiction. Read more.

Communication Professor Pens Urban Fantasy Novels

Photo of cover art for Dr. Justin Gustainis' novel Hard Spell For Professor Justin Gustainis, 2011 was a banner year — not just in the communication department, where he’s celebrating 29 years on faculty — but in the realm of fiction writing. Read more.

Distinguished Service Professor Finds Plattsburgh a Perfect Place to Study Human Geography

Photo of Dr. Bryan Higgins When Dr. Bryan Higgins decided to pursue a teaching career in human geography, he could think of no better place than SUNY Plattsburgh. Read more.

Distinguished Teaching Professor Sees Art as Language

Photo of Diane Fine Diane Fine did well in school. She excelled in math, history, science, English. So when she told her high school guidance counselor that she planned to study the arts in college, the counselor appeared shocked.. Read more.

Veteran Musician, Educator Shares the Groove With Students

Photo of Dr. Rick Davies The professor has played trombone with a who’s who of American music: Tony Bennett, Tito Puente, Blondie, Bo Diddley and Michael Jackson. He’s worked on more than a hundred recordings as a composer, arranger and performer. He’s even played for President Clinton and had top 10 hits in Italy, Japan and Colombia. Read more.

SUNY Plattsburgh Instructor Wins National Biology Teaching Award

Photo of Sandra Latourelle Sandra Latourelle ’70 G’76, an adjunct lecturer of biological sciences, recently received a teaching award from the National Association of Biology Teachers, which honored her for her creativity and innovation. Read more.

Dr. Alexis Levitin Awarded SUNY Distinguished Professorship

Photo of Dr. Alexis Levitin Renowned translator of Portuguese poetry shows students how translation matters. Read more.


Photo of Dr. Nancy Elwess President Obama recognizes Dr. Nancy Elwess at White House ceremony. Read more.

Professor Changed How Anthropologists, Archeologists and Scientists View History

Photo of Mark CohenDr. Mark Cohen changed the way scientists understand history. Read more.

Anthropologist Named SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

Photo of Gordon Pollard Dr. Gordon Pollard is the latest SUNY Plattsburgh professor to join to the ranks of the State University of New York distinguished teaching professors. Read more.

2009 Chancellor's Award Winners

Dr. Jon P. Chatlos Seven SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and staff members have won the Chancellor's Award for Excellence from the State University of New York this year. Read more.

"Growing Better" Webisode Brings Love of Botany to Internet

Photo of Chris Martine Dr. Chris Martine is excited about botany. The assistant professor of biology is doing his part to help others catch that excitement, through an online video series called "Growing Better." Read more.

Dr. James Armstrong Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Photo of James Armstrong Dr. James Armstrong was promoted to the rank of SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, a rank above Professor. This year's awards were bestowed on just nine faculty members from the 64 campuses in the SUNY system. Read more.

2008 SUNY Chancellor's Award Winners

Photo of Tracie Church Guzzio SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and staff members honored for excellence. Read more.

National Teacher of the Year Award Winners

Photo of Nancy Elwess and Rich Robbins Dr. Richard Robbins (Anthropology) and Dr. Nancy Elwess (Biological Sciences) are recognized as top teacher-scholars. Read more.

Dr. David Franzi - Distinguished Professor of Earth and Environmental Science

Photo of David Franzi On a typical North Country sunny summer afternoon, Dr. David Franzi, who was promoted to the rank of Distinguished Teaching Professor of Earth and Environmental Science in 2005, is probably not in his office on campus at SUNY Plattsburgh. No, he's most likely at the W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute near Chazy, N.Y. Read more.

Dr. Anna Battigelli Studies the Great Thinkers of the 17th-Century

Photo of Anna Batigelli With her book, "Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind ," Dr. Battigelli became the first biographer to explore in-depth this mid-17th-century English writer's intellectual life. Read more.




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